Book a Celebrity – Whatever The Cause!

Book a Celebrity through an agent, and it can almost feel like there’s an impenetrable wall. Their costs can be extortionate, and oftentimes, offers that a celebrity would love are dismissed out of hand. It’s also important to pick a famous ambassador wisely. For instance, you would want to find someone that people aspire to when it comes to endorsing a product. However, if you need someone to be the spokesperson for your company, sourcing a celebrity that the public trusts is way more important.

When done correctly, someone well-known can add glamour and energy to an event you’ve been planning for months. It might be because their story is inspirational, they have an exceptional talent (perhaps as a singer or a comedian), or just because their skills for presenting awards – or hosting a night of entertainment – are second to none. No matter what you’re thinking, it’s important to find a firm that has the right connections. Also, you should always make an effort to plan ahead. Trying to book a celebrity at the 11th hour is impossible.

Book a Celebrity – Whatever The Cause!

Book a Celebrity – Whatever The Cause!

Book a Celebrity services are also geared towards the media industry. For example, if a star has an incredibly distinctive voice, their narration talents could be invaluable for a public service advertisement, a commercial, a radio jingle, or an in-house video. Hiring a celebrity in this domain is often a lot easier, and that’s because a lot of voiceover work can be done remotely without any hassle. This boosts your chances of finding a famous person who can fit in your project – and if it’s just a few sentences to be read out, it’ll take them minutes!

Unlike the stereotype of celebrities being self-centered and unfriendly, many are accessible and are passionate about particular causes and charities, just like you and I. If you’re trying to champion a particular non-profit, it’s important to do your homework, and try to find a celebrity who would be interested in the stellar work you’re doing day in, and day out. Remember: if they have an exclusive affiliation with one of your rivals, they might be contractually unable to lend a hand – even if the celebrity in question thinks that you’re awesome!

Book a Celebrity with a professional, and your chances of success multiply. In the age of social media – where most celebs have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page – messaging them directly and asking for their help can seem the easiest thing to do. However, in reality, they’re unlikely to reply swiftly. In short, that’s because they might have thousands – or even millions – of fans and followers. And, if dozens of people have the same idea as you do, it’s impossible to capture their attention and secure that all elusive “yes.”

Book a celebrity for an event

Book a celebrity for an event and there are several benefits that will be laid right in front of you. First, you’ll soak up plenty of PR on a local or national level – depending on the stature of the celebrity. What’s more, it’s likely that their fans will be fully aware that their idol is attending your event, and this acts as a form of outreach. Why? Because they’ll want to learn more about your organization. Also, if you are trying to launch a fundraiser, attendees will be more likely to pay top dollar for tickets if you have top talent in attendance.

Book a celebrity for your party

Book a celebrity for your party, and you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember. For example, if they’re a singer, imagine what it would be like to enjoy a gig in such an intimate setting, with your friends and family as the audience? Plus, there will be a chance to ask them about their lives, and get photographs which will double up as a lasting memento of the magical night you shared. Given how reality TV has exploded in recent years, the number of celebrities at your fingertips has multiplied exponentially, helping to drive down costs.

Hire a celebrity

Hire a celebrity well in advance – that’s always important. There are some other top tips that you need to consider. For example, it’s crucial that you have a realistic budget in mind when hiring famous talent. Although it can be tempting to get sentimental and spend more than your firm can afford, always be realistic and know where to draw the line. Also, take time to figure out what your expectations would be of the celebrity. Would you want them to perform, or simply be there to greet guests?

Book a celebrity for a party

Book a celebrity for a party, and the attention soon shifts to making sure that you have a suitable venue. It’s important that any sound systems, lighting effects – and plenty of refreshments and seating – are all organized well in advance. If you were looking to record the party from a professional perspective, do remember that this might have to be negotiated with the talent you hire. Finally, always have your audience in mind. What’s the point in hiring a Frank Sinatra lookalike for a 21st birthday party? The vast majority of the time, there is none!

Book a celebrity appearance

Book a celebrity appearance by getting a firm which has experience. A good company should have dozens of testimonials, and a list of all of the talent they’ve worked with in the past. For example, if you were looking to book a comedian, choosing a specialist who already has a connection with the sharpest and funniest funnymen in the US is half of the battle. Because the celebrity is familiar with the service you’re using, making contact will be easier, and negotiations will be a lot less stressful.

Book a celebrity singer

Book a celebrity singer and you don’t have to be picky. Normally, a consultancy will begin by asking you to consider who your ideal performer would be. From here, you could then find similar acts – or even lookalikes – if the real deal wasn’t available. But normally, a good company with the right celebrity connections can get the results you deserve. In a way, it can be compared to a dating site – after all, it’s all about getting the right chemistry, interests and details of a meeting aligned!


Book a celebrity cruise

Book a celebrity cruise and it’s important to have a realistic idea of the costs. Oftentimes, you aren’t just hiring the talent, but paying for the cost of their staff as well. This could include accommodation, food and drink, especially if you’re trying to get them to join you on a cruise. Timing can be crucial when it comes to getting the celebrity of your dreams to be in attendance. For example, if they’re in your town or city because they’ve already got a gig, there will be no need for them to travel across the world to be with you!

Book a celebrity chef

Book a celebrity chef and it’s possible to enjoy the food of your dreams. There are several services which a famous cook can offer. For example, you might want them to offer their expert catering to a gathering of you and your friends. Indeed, if you’re more hands on, you might prefer to enjoy some lessons where they’ll demonstrate how to recreate their iconic dishes. The possibilities are endless – and in today’s media landscape, it’s easy to find a reputable, famous chef for almost all cuisines.

The Celebrity Source

With more than 10,000 connections with the rich and famous, The Celebrity Source is your ultimate connection to the people who matter in American society. And, what’s more, it’s a company that aims to cater to your every whim. Rital Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Book a Celebrity – Whatever The Cause!