Celebrity Endorsements

For nearly 30 years, The Celebrity Source has known that there’s an art and a science to working with celebrities – from creative thinking about the approach, the rules of engagement, to planning the details of their participation and much […]

The Celebrity Source
April 15, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats Celebrity Endorsements are often underestimated by those in the business community. Unknown to many, a bit of star power could help a newly-launched item from a start-up company be propelled to greatness. […]

The Celebrity Source
April 12, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Crunching The Numbers Celebrity Endorsements can help a little-known product to fly off the shelves, especially if the star in question is trusted by the public. In this age of information overload, it can be incredibly easy […]

The Celebrity Source
March 26, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Watch Your Profits Soar! Celebrity Endorsements are the perfect way to increase your profits – and increase the right kind of exposure for your business. New businesses need the attention a celebrity can bring – but older […]

The Celebrity Source
March 20, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product Celebrity Endorsements can offer a fantastic opportunity to increase your turnover exponentially! If you are a young business then it is difficult to get the credibility that you need to […]

Celebrity Endorsements – Whys Does Anyone Bother With Them? Celebrity Endorsements Offer a way in which to promote an event or a product. Using a famous person to sell something is a technique that has been used for many, many […]

Celebrity Endorsements – Is It Morally Right To Hire A Celebrity? Celebrity Endorsements Are a great way of making huge numbers of the general public believe in a product, service or charity. If the ordinary man or woman in the […]

The Celebrity Source
January 24, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Brand Awareness That Skyrockets Celebrity Endorsements are without question one of the best ways you can improve awareness of your brand, whether you’re promoting a music player, car, lamp or shoe! Celebrities have been used since the […]

The Celebrity Source
December 27, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements – Take Your Brand to the Masses Celebrity Endorsements are one of the most popular ways of showing customers that a brand is popular. When a celebrity says something is good, their millions of fans will believe them! […]

The Celebrity Source
December 21, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval Celebrity Endorsements extend far beyond getting their face to appear on the front of a milk carton. Bearing this in mind, if that’s what you’re looking for, it can certainly be arranged. In […]