Celebrity Appearances – An Event Made Spectacular

Celebrity Appearances are great for all kinds of events. Birthday parties, press conferences, product launches, remembrance services, or anything else that involves an audience, a celebrity guest is a great way to promote your cause, engage the audience and make an event that little bit more spectacular. But in years gone by, arranging a celebrity appearance has involved incredible amounts of difficulty, with organizers having to jump through hoops to just get a message to a celebrity. But not anymore!

With our years of experience in the celebrity appearance and guest speaker industry, we can help you find a celebrity that matches your brand and event, and who is willing to come along. We’ll sit down and talk to you about what you’re trying to arrange, and discuss your budget. When we have all the details, we can get to work looking for the perfect celebrity to pay a visit and come along to your event or launch. Our rates are highly competitive and you can enjoy all the good press that comes from a celebrity guest appearance!

Celebrity Appearances really are effective, but it’s essential that you carefully consider what you’re aiming to achieve. If you are arranging an event for a private venture, for instance, you will certainly want to focus on your price and what you are offering the celebrity. Many celebrities won’t be interested if you’re not offering enough, and they will generally ask for a higher price if the product you are selling doesn’t appeal to them.

So, if you carefully choose celebrities that have some kind of link to your product, then not only can you expect to pay less, but you will receive greater enthusiasm from your celebrity guest when they appear on camera or at your event. If you are arranging a charity event, then remember to push the importance of your cause! We’ll help you reach out to celebrities and show them exactly why what you are doing is important and why they should be involved with your project – even if it’s just for an appearance at an event!

Celebrity Appearances are a powerful tool, as long as you do them right. You can promote your brand, help an important charitable cause, give your audience the chance to meet an idol, and raise money, either for your own private venture or for an organization. If you want to do it right, we’re here to help. We are confident that we can connect you with the right agents and celebrities, and assist you in creating a budget and plan that benefits you, promotes your brand and gives your audience something to smile about!

Upcoming celebrity autograph signings

Celebrity Appearances – An Event Made Spectacular

Celebrity Appearances – An Event Made Spectacular

Upcoming celebrity autograph signings are regularly arranged by companies and agencies, and there are plenty coming up for Christmas 2014 and the New Year. December 11th 2014, Reggie Jackson will be in California signing for fans, and Randy Johnson is offering a meet and greet event at the Hilton Hasbrouck Heights in New Jersey. Sports stars, actors, actresses, writers and singers galore regularly offer signing events, so be on the look out! You could even arrange your own!

Booking celebrity appearances

Booking celebrity appearances is easier than ever. Your celebrity appearance, whether it’s for a charitable event, personal party or product launch, can be booked through us. We’ll arrange the contact between you and an agent, and we can help you engage in discussions about price and availability. If you need any assistance before the booking stage, deciding who would be best to invite to your event, we’re also willing to do that. Relax and enjoy the fact that booking celebrity appearances really is easier than ever!

Celebrity autograph signings

Celebrity autograph signings are always being advertised, because celebrities love getting out there and meeting people! Autograph signings are usually arranged by agents, and are a great way to help a celebrity promote their own book, album or product. If you are working with a celebrity, you can arrange celebrity autograph signings with a view to promoting your product, giving your audience the chance to meet a celebrity, and giving the celebrity the chance to promote themselves. Autograph signings benefit everybody involved!

Celebrity autograph signings can also be used as a method of creating interest for a charitable event. Often, celebrities will be happy to come along to a charitable event not to give a speech, but instead to speak to the attendees. If you’re looking to raise money for an important cause without spending too much money, why not reach out to celebrities that care about the same cause as you? Often, they will be more than happy to come along to your event to offer signings and to meet your attendees, if they are available to do so.

Celebrity appearance fees

Celebrity appearance fees vary massively. For lesser-known celebrities, you can pay anywhere between $5,000 and $25,000. For better-known celebrities, expect to pay much more! The amount you pay generally depends on how ‘in demand’ a person might be, and how popular they are right now. If you’re looking to save money it’s better to reach out to local celebrities or those who aren’t in the limelight right now, though, with superstars, you can create greater interest in your event!

Celebrity appearances 2012

Celebrity appearances 2012 were extensive, but easily one of the biggest celebrity events was Comic Con 2012. This event, which sees people from all over the world gather in San Diego to celebrate everything Sci-Fi, saw some of the world’s biggest stars turn up to meet fans, answer questions and enjoy the spirit. Tim Burton, Will Ferrell, Sylvester Stallone and Robert Pattinson were just some of the mega stars that turned up to the event, stunning the media and the guests who’d come along in fancy dress.

Celebrity appearances 2013

Celebrity appearances 2013 was a big year. Proving that celebrity appearances can be beneficial even for television shows, Doctor Who has littered with super stars who were dying to appear on the show. The Sci-Fi show, which is the longest running in the world, featured Tony Curran, John Hurt, David Mitchell, Bill Bailey and even opera singer Katherine Jenkins. It goes to show that celebrity appearances are a powerful tool for all ventures, whether it’s private or not for profit.

Celebrity Appearances cost

Celebrity Appearances cost is not static. You pay for the kind of celebrity, how many people are demanding them right now, and for how busy they are. Out of work actors are easier to arrange and cost less, but of course, if somebody is busy at the time and a number of people are requesting them, you will have to pay more. Celebrity appearances are a powerful tool, so be sure to get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help you find the right person at the right price.

The Celebrity Source

Celebrity appearances are still incredibly important, and whilst the power of television advertising is considered by some reports to be less powerful than in previous years, you can still make an impact elsewhere. Whether through advertisements, endorsements or real life celebrity guest appearances, you can show your audience you are committed to your brand and cause – and we can help. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Appearances – An Event Made Spectacular