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Celebrity Appearances – Wow Your Customers!

Celebrity Appearances do wonders for businesses around the world. In this economy, it can be difficult for independent bookshops and retailers to stand out from major brands. Oftentimes, your margins can mean that your products cost a little more, yet your customer service is second to none. And, if you’re looking for a brand-new way to give your shoppers a little extra, booking a celebrity to make an appearance to sign autographs is an absolutely wonderful idea. Here, we’re going to tell you why.

For a moment, let’s think about the business case for booking a celebrity appearance. As you’ll need to give the star plenty of notice it gives you ample time to promote the event – and drum up interest among locals. You could even make it a party! The best way to attract attention is by creating flyers to circulate the local area, getting some signs in your shop windows, and by generating a buzz on Twitter. There is some serious money to be made by making this investment.

Nathan Kress Instagram screen shotCelebrity Appearances could mean the difference between selling dozens of books and selling hundreds. If a well-known and well-respected chef has released a new cache of recipes, it’s likely that the book would do fairly well in your store. However, if they attend – and offer handwritten signatures for fans – you’ll divert trade from your rivals (including online behemoths such as Amazon) to your humble outfit. Indeed, fans will likely travel far and wide for that special moment with the star.

If you wish – and make it known to a booking specialist at the time – you could also prolong the event by asking the celebrity to do more than sign their name. If they have released a novel, for example – or their autobiography – why not see if they would be happy to read a chapter or two for the admiring audience? That way, you introduce a new revenue stream into the mix, as you’ll be able to sell tickets to those who want a seat. Generally, this isn’t feasible when it comes to an autograph signing.

Celebrity Appearances also add a bit of selling power to your brand. If a shopper has an absolutely delightful experience when they visit your store, it’s likely that you will be their first port of call if they want to make a similar purchase in the future. What’s more, every person who gets those special few moments with a celebrity is bound to tell their friends and family about the awesome time they had. When their loved ones ask where the appearance took place – they’ll tell them it was at your venue!

Upcoming celebrity autograph signings

Upcoming celebrity autograph signings are a perfect way to see if a star is able to pop in for a visit. For example, if a well-known novelist is doing other signings in your state – or a singer is on tour in the region – you should get a booking specialist to reach out to their agent on your behalf. This makes it more convenient for both parties, and means that you won’t have to fork out for an exorbitant travel bill that could eat into your profit margins. Just make sure that rivals who are close by aren’t in on the act, as the move won’t be as impactful.

Booking celebrity appearances

Booking celebrity appearances is easy as 1-2-3 when you hire the right company. They’re there to take the stress out of the entire process. This frees you up to focus on the thing that matters the most: your business. All you need to do is think about who you would like to attend. Remember to think about your target market, too, and the demographics who regularly visit your venue. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to find someone they like. Alternatively, booking someone completely different could open your business to a whole new raft of customers.

Celebrity autograph signings

Celebrity autograph signings are an awesome opportunity to get publicity. Contact the local newspaper to alert them of the upcoming event. Also, try to hire a professional photographer who is able to take pictures of customers with the celebrity. That way, you can add your company’s logo on top of the image – allowing others to see where it was taken. If you wished, you might even want to sell copies of the pictures. Whatever your strategy, your business will be the name that’s on everybody’s lips in time.

Celebrity autograph signings can be immensely popular events – and you’ll want to get the star for as long as possible so your customers aren’t disappointed. When you open up on the big day, you should expect long queues trailing outside! Always make sure that you’re prepared, with a nice table, plenty of books to be signed, and extra staff to guarantee that everything runs smoothly. In some cases, you might also need some additional security for crowd control purposes – and this might be factored into the fee.

Celebrity appearance fees

Celebrity appearance fees genuinely depend on the nature of their visit. If it’s a book signing, you might get a discount – after all, the star is going to earn royalties on all the items which are sold at the signing. A more substantive fee might be required if they are doing a guest set at a night club, for example – or if they’re offering a demonstration at an exhibition. In some cases, celebrities who are working on the after-dinner speaking circuit can demand five-figure sums.

Celebrity appearances 2012

Celebrity appearances 2012 were dominated by the likes of Justin Bieber and Beyonce. This is when we began to notice a sea change in what the public wanted from their stars during an appearance. It was important that the celebrities made time for selfies, as the advent of the iPhone meant everyone could be an aspiring photographer. It was all about getting used to Twitter, and the impact that social media had on generating large crowds for a celebrity appearance as well.

Celebrity appearances 2013

Celebrity appearances 2013 were marked by stars such as Rihanna, who wanted to appear as normal as possible by riding the London Underground along with their fans to the O2 Arena, where they were making an appearance that night. Members of the public love rubbing shoulders with stars in normal circumstances, and it could be worthwhile bearing this in mind. By contacting a booking specialist, they’ll be able to advise you on the best ways to capitalize on successful 2013 appearances in the months and years to come.

Celebrity Appearances cost

Celebrity Appearances cost prices can be negotiable, but you need to get a booking specialist who knows the going rate for major stars. That way, there’s no chance of you being ripped off – or paying a small amount and being disappointed with the results. Getting the best deal will be especially important if you are a small business, or a charity that’s looking to raise funds for a good cause. Generally, your booking specialist will offer a fixed rate for their services in getting you the star power you deserve.

The Celebrity Source

Celebrity signings are all the rage – especially when it comes to new product releases. It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse, know when new products are coming out, and book ahead to ensure that the star isn’t tied up with other commitments. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Appearances – Wow Your Customers!