Hire a Celebrity – Easier Done Than Said

Hire a Celebrity may be something new for you, and you may be feeling more than a little apprehensive about the whole idea but you will soon discover that if you put yourself in the right hands, the process will be far easier than you can imagine. Look online and you will discover that there are many agencies that can arrange a celebrity for you – but they are not all the same, even though there may seem to be little to choose between them.

In the most instances, agents have a number of celebrities on their books and it is their job to make sure that the work comes rolling in. Naturally, part of this work is endorsing products and making appearances at various events in addition to what they do as their main line of work. And it is the agent’s job to get a good a deal as possible for the celebrity. So, when you make a booking through one of these agencies, you can expect to pay a premium for the celebrity that you choose.

Hire a Celebrity through an agency like The Celebrity Source and you will get a completely different type of service. We don’t represent any celebrities; we represent you, our client. Which means that it is your interests that we look out for. And because we have been in the business of matching clients with the right celebrity for 25 years we have the right contacts to make that possible for you too – and we get it right at the right price.

Because we have been working with celebs for so long, we have developed a great relationship with many of them. We know what kind of work they like to do – and we are able to match them to the right jobs – which means that they put in that extra effort in getting it right for you. And contrary to popular belief, not all stars are driven by the dollar sign, so we can often negotiate a deal that you would be unable to get with any other agency.

Hire a Celebrity and you will see immediate added interest in whatever event you are planning because the plain and simple truth is – people love celebrities and will go that extra mile to see them. They also like the idea of using the same products as a celebrity so it won’t matter whether you are arranging to have a celeb come and promote a fundraiser or to endorse a product or a service – you can be sure your strategy will work.

Hire a Celebrity Prices

Hire a Celebrity – Easier Done Than Said

Hire a Celebrity – Easier Done Than Said

Hire a Celebrity Prices are such that this isn’t something that you can arrange on the cheap, but bear in mind that the more popular celebs are the ones that command the highest fees, so do you really need an A-lister? If you choose someone who isn’t constantly in the public eye, or someone who’s retired – such as a sportsperson, then you will still attract massive interest but it won’t cost you as much. Something else that you will need to factor into your budget are the added costs that come with a celebrity, like travel and accommodation.

Hire a Celebrity for an event

Hire a Celebrity for an event and you will take it to the next level. There are literally 1000s of celebrities for you to choose from so it might help if you had a look at the categories of celebs so that you can narrow your search down a bit. Choose from actors, American Idol contestants and winners, celebrity chefs, celebrity DJs, celebrity tattoo artists, child celebrities, game show hosts, MTV celebrities, reality TV stars, teen celebrities, TV show hosts, TV show judges, and VH1 celebs.

Hire a Celebrity for a party

Hire a Celebrity for a party and you can be absolutely certain that your party will be the talk of the town for years to come. When you make your booking you will need to make it absolutely clear what you expect your celebrity to do, for two reasons: you don’t want to assume that they will do something and then be disappointed if it isn’t in the contract; and if you are clear on what your expectations are, you will be billed for the right amount. So, do you want your celeb guest to mingle or to entertain your other guests, too?

Hire a Celebrity spokesperson

Hire a Celebrity spokesperson to be the mouthpiece for your fundraiser and you can be certain that you will get far more people to sit up and take notice than if you decided to go it alone. People believe in celebrity and they are keen to hear what they have to say so when your celeb is eloquently describing your cause and why it needs lots of support, you can be sure that’s what it will get. Still not sure? Have a look at the difference Ricky Gervais and Dame Judi Dench have made to the Soi Dog Foundation.

Hire a Celebrity UK

Hire a Celebrity UK will be just as successful as hiring a celeb in the States because the attraction of celebrity is something that cannot be contained to just one country – it appears the entire world has a fixation on the famous. Naturally each country will have celebs that are not known over the pond so if you are located in one country and are arranging an event in the other, make sure that the celebrity you choose has a following there.

Hire a Celebrity Dress

Hire a Celebrity Dress for that special occasion and wow everybody who sees you in it. Celebrity dresses are available for hire and included in the price is the delivery charge and the cost of having the dress cleaned. This is the perfect opportunity to wear something extra special when you are have been invited to something that needs an expensive and exclusive dress. And if you go out often, this is the perfect way of stretching your budget to amazing clothes.

Hire a Celebrity to Tweet

Hire a Celebrity to Tweet is a cost effective way of getting a celebrity to endorse your business, product, service or cause. Celebrities have thousands of followers and so every time they tweet how amazing whatever it is you want promoting, you can be certain that a high proportion of those followers are going to see it. Imagine you own a restaurant and the celeb of your choice tweets that they had a great meal there – you will be fully booked up for months!

Hire a Celebrity Chef

Hire a Celebrity Chef as an after dinner speaker or as an inspirational speaker as they describe their rise to cuisine fame – or you could just hire a celebrity chef to cook for you. Think of a special occasion – Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or the birthday of that special person in your life, and think how impressed they would be if you went to the effort of hiring their favourite chef to cook dinner. Or you could always do it to impress the mother-in-law!

The Celebrity Source

Whatever you need a celebrity for, The Celebrity Source will work with you to get it just right – and within your budget. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Hire a Celebrity – Easier Done Than Said