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The Celebrity Source
April 3, 2015

Book a Celebrity – Make It An A-List Event Book a Celebrity and there’s no reason why your business can’t soar. It instantly bumps up the profile of your company or event – especially if the star of your choice […]

The Celebrity Source
March 31, 2015

Book a Celebrity – Push The Boat Out Today Book a Celebrity and watch your company grow exponentially in size. This savvy business move helps your goods and services to reach whole new audiences, and adds plenty of appeal to […]

The Celebrity Source
March 18, 2015

Book a Celebrity – The Right Celebrity for the Right Occasion Book a Celebrity if you need to publicize an event or draw attention to something. There are numerous ways in which a celebrity can raise the profile of a […]

Book a Celebrity – What Difference Will It Make To Your Event? Book a Celebrity and make the special occasion that you are planning an event that nobody will ever forget! By booking a celebrity you will raise your game […]

The Celebrity Source
January 12, 2015

Book a Celebrity – Impress Your Guests! Book a Celebrity for any kind of event, whether for profit or not, and you can enjoy some of the best returns! With a hired celebrity, you can improve your profit margins, improve […]

The Celebrity Source
January 9, 2015

Book a Celebrity – A Fun and Effective Campaign Idea Book a Celebrity for your product launch, party or charitable event, and you’ll soon realize why booking a celebrity is one of the best advertising decisions you’ll ever make. You […]

The Celebrity Source
December 24, 2014

Book a Celebrity – How Hard Is It, Exactly? Book a Celebrity via their official representative and a painful headache can soon emerge. It often seems like they are designed to be immensely unhelpful – and that the rates their […]

The Celebrity Source
December 12, 2014

Book a Celebrity – Whatever The Cause! Book a Celebrity through an agent, and it can almost feel like there’s an impenetrable wall. Their costs can be extortionate, and oftentimes, offers that a celebrity would love are dismissed out of […]

The Celebrity Source
November 24, 2014

Book a Celebrity – Help Build Event Credibility If you need to draw attention, add credibly, excite your staff, get greatest testimonials and PR photos AND lower your expenses, you must book a celebrity for your following event. There is […]

The Celebrity Source
November 21, 2014

Book a Celebrity For Your Fundraising Event If you choose to book a celebrity for your event, you create interest, generate public confidence, encourage staff, reduce expenditure and put money into valuable endorsements and PR ops. People throughout the community […]

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