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The Celebrity Source
April 18, 2015

Celebrity Appearances – Dazzle Your Clientele! Celebrity Appearances have the potential to give companies around the world a much-needed boost, helping them to rally back from the economic downturn in style. With online retailers and superstores putting independent shops under […]

The Celebrity Source
March 29, 2015

Celebrity Appearances – Wow Your Customers! Celebrity Appearances do wonders for businesses around the world. In this economy, it can be difficult for independent bookshops and retailers to stand out from major brands. Oftentimes, your margins can mean that your […]

Celebrity Appearances – Which Celebrity Would Be the Best Choice? Celebrity Appearances Are guaranteed to be a crowd puller. And the strange thing is, it doesn’t really seem to matter who the celebrity is; people are just hungry for them! […]

Celebrity Appearances – How to Arrange For A Celebrity to Make an Appearance Celebrity Appearances Are big events as far the majority of the general public are concerned. There is nothing guaranteed to draw a crowd more than the appearance […]

The Celebrity Source
January 18, 2015

Celebrity Appearances – Exciting Events, Effective Campaigns! Celebrity Appearances are a fine way of boosting interest in any kind of event that you are planning. Individuals planning special parties, organization events or product launches can count on celebrity appearances for […]

The Celebrity Source
January 3, 2015

Celebrity Appearances – An Event Made Spectacular Celebrity Appearances are great for all kinds of events. Birthday parties, press conferences, product launches, remembrance services, or anything else that involves an audience, a celebrity guest is a great way to promote […]

The Celebrity Source
December 15, 2014

Celebrity Appearances – Getting Imaginative Celebrity Appearances can be used to boost your business’ profile in a plethora of ways. When you have the services of a famous person at your disposal, it almost seems a waste just to get […]

The Celebrity Source
December 3, 2014

Celebrity Appearances – Using Them Wisely Celebrity Appearances are a godsend to companies across the US, especially if they are looking to reach out to an elusive group of customers. Once you’ve enlisted a high-profile figure to help enhance your […]

The Celebrity Source
November 15, 2014

Celebrity Appearances Generate More Money By having a star appear at the event, you’ll draw attention, add credibility, excite your staff, create fantastic testimonials and PR photos, and find yourself with an occasion that’s easy to book and inside your […]

The Celebrity Source
November 3, 2014

Celebrity Appearances Help Charity Fundraisers Create buzz for your event with a celebrity appearance that substantiates business, excites employees, costs comparatively little, creates great PR opportunities and doesn’t create difficulty. Celebrity appearances really are a genuinely fantastic method to generate […]

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