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The Celebrity Source
April 15, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats Celebrity Endorsements are often underestimated by those in the business community. Unknown to many, a bit of star power could help a newly-launched item from a start-up company be propelled to greatness. […]

The Celebrity Source
March 26, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Watch Your Profits Soar! Celebrity Endorsements are the perfect way to increase your profits – and increase the right kind of exposure for your business. New businesses need the attention a celebrity can bring – but older […]

The Celebrity Source
March 20, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product Celebrity Endorsements can offer a fantastic opportunity to increase your turnover exponentially! If you are a young business then it is difficult to get the credibility that you need to […]

Celebrity Endorsements – Whys Does Anyone Bother With Them? Celebrity Endorsements Offer a way in which to promote an event or a product. Using a famous person to sell something is a technique that has been used for many, many […]

Celebrity Endorsements – Is It Morally Right To Hire A Celebrity? Celebrity Endorsements Are a great way of making huge numbers of the general public believe in a product, service or charity. If the ordinary man or woman in the […]

The Celebrity Source
January 24, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Brand Awareness That Skyrockets Celebrity Endorsements are without question one of the best ways you can improve awareness of your brand, whether you’re promoting a music player, car, lamp or shoe! Celebrities have been used since the […]

The Celebrity Source
December 27, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements – Take Your Brand to the Masses Celebrity Endorsements are one of the most popular ways of showing customers that a brand is popular. When a celebrity says something is good, their millions of fans will believe them! […]

The Celebrity Source
December 21, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval Celebrity Endorsements extend far beyond getting their face to appear on the front of a milk carton. Bearing this in mind, if that’s what you’re looking for, it can certainly be arranged. In […]

The Celebrity Source
November 18, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements Gain Reviews From The Press Celebrity endorsements attract customers and clients, legitimize your venture and generate buzz among employees with surprising affordability and the benefit of securing and creating excellent PR opportunities. By utilizing a celebrity endorsement, brands […]

The Celebrity Source
October 31, 2014

Celebrity Endorsements Get Your Team Fired Up Celebrity endorsements are extremely easy to secure, reasonably priced, improve credibility, and draw public attention as well as provide great testimonials and PR promo. Celebrity endorsements are a great way to create awareness […]

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