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The Celebrity Source
April 21, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – The Advantages And Disadvantages Celebrity Speakers have the potential to give your event the wow factor – but they must be a good fit for the crowd you’re catering to. By giving much consideration to who is […]

The Celebrity Source
April 6, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – Balancing The Pros And Cons Celebrity Speakers can really add a lot of oomph to an event… if they’re suitable for the audience. You should put a lot of thought into the A-lister you want behind that […]

The Celebrity Source
March 10, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – Talk Your Way to Success Celebrity Speakers are often asked to come along to a fundraising or an awareness promoting event, in order to attract large audiences and to add some kudos to the proceedings. By employing […]

The Celebrity Source
March 3, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – The Right Speaker for Your Event Celebrity Speakers are a category of celebrities working to promote something in itself. These speakers are a popular choice amongst those who want to push a charity or other fundraising event […]

Celebrity Speakers – Why A Speaker Rather Than A Singer? Celebrity Speakers Are an extremely popular way of boosting the credibility of your event therefore increasing the number of people attending, and their interest in your campaign to impressive new […]

Celebrity Speakers – How They Can Help Your Event Celebrity Speakers Come from a number of various backgrounds but they all serve the same purpose. They are the person that you hang your event’s success on. Typically, celebrity speakers are […]

The Celebrity Source
January 6, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – For a Sellout Event Celebrity Speakers offer something special that is ideal for all kinds of events. Whether you’re looking at a lecture series, informing students or inspiring employees and colleagues, a celebrity speaker ensures that interest […]

The Celebrity Source
December 30, 2014

Celebrity Speakers – More Than Just a Guest Celebrity Speakers can do something that a regular advertising campaign cannot. Not only are celebrity speakers a great way to inform, but they also spark interest in your product, campaign or what […]

The Celebrity Source
December 9, 2014

Celebrity Speakers – Source the Perfect Star Celebrity Speakers can be found in their thousands. There are loads of fantastic entrepreneurs, athletes and journalists who are willing to share their stories with packed crowds. Sometimes, their unique insight and speaking […]

The Celebrity Source
December 6, 2014

Celebrity Speakers – Find the Right Talent Celebrity Speakers number in the dozens, these days. There are plenty of great people who have the experience, fame and industry knowledge to share with an audience – captivating and inspiring them to […]

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