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Should Celebrities Be Treated Differently?

Yes, because we insist that they be different! People complain about celebrities preferential treatment, yet the same people would have a negative impression. If a celebrity was seen traveling in coach instead of first class— e.g. “they’re broke,” or even worse “they’re cheap!”

A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a sneak peek at The Private Suite. The new private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for celebrities/VIPs. When this terminal was first announced I remember seeing a flurry of complaints. Examples like “Why should celebrities get preferential treatment over the rest of us?” “How dare they (city of LA) use our tax payer dollars to pay for spoiled celebrity privileges!”  The irony is that it’s the public’s insatiable appetite for the private lives of celebrities that drives the paparazzi machine. This in turn created a need for a special private terminal like this.

The Private Suite

As I see it, The Private Suite benefits us all as it allows for fewer distractions and interruptions for police when celebrities are followed at the airport by both paparazzi acelebrities1nd fans alike–and less commotion means it’s safer for the rest of us “normal” people. For the record The Private Suite is privately owned, so no tax dollars are used and celebrities/VIPs pay a hefty price for this elite service.

NBC4 News in Los Angeles recently shared a different take on the issue, having done a story about special treatment celebrities get at hospitals. The concern here, of course, is how this preferential treatment might negatively affect the lives of other patients.

In New York City, a mother told the investigative reporter that her medical care and access to her newborn twins was compromised because she had the misfortune of delivering her babies at the same time as Beyoncé was giving birth to Blue Ivy in 2011.

celebrities2“We saw that the cameras in the maternity ward had been covered in cardboard, and we thought that was strange,” Rozz Nash said.  “We saw men walking around in suits and they had badges that said ‘special event,’ and they were in a maternity ward. So it was really weird.”

Celebrities and Hospitals

While there is no question that everyone should have equal rights to quality hospital care there is also no question that a celebrity sometimes need to take drastic measures, and pay for it, just to get the same quality hospital care and privacy that everyone else is afforded, for no additional fee. Unfortunately, as long as there is unscrupulous media willing to pay big bucks for private hospital photos and the public is willing to buy it, celebrities are going to continue to do whatever they need to protect their own privacy and security, and hospitals will need to comply if they want their business.

No, celebrities are not just like us. They live very different lives, ones that are very public, come with wealth and privilege, and also the loss of their privacy and potential security.

Yes, celebrities should be treated differently than the rest of us, as long as the rest of us have a need to maintain our perceptions and intrude in their privacy.


Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats

Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats

Celebrity Endorsements are often underestimated by those in the business community. Unknown to many, a bit of star power could help a newly-launched item from a start-up company be propelled to greatness. It’s hard to stand out in today’s digital age, mainly because of how many websites and companies are all vying for the attention of the audience. As such, you’ll need to make sure your endorsement turns heads and get people talking. Let’s take a look at the numbers surrounding this form of marketing, and see whether it could work for you.

The relationship between ordinary people and the adverts they see on a daily basis has always been a little complicated. A British poll found that 50% of people only trusted the claims they saw in commercials on occasion. That means that even if your product is sensational and truly works – a proportion of your viewers may not believe you. Indeed, two in five people seldom believe anything they see in ad campaigns. However, with the help of a trusted celebrity who is known for their integrity, all of that can change.

OverlayBarGraphsExample_01Celebrity Endorsements are deemed as valuable to a third of British people – a country where this technique is very common. You often find stars putting their names to perfumes, hair products, and gambling services. One in three of those who have seen an advert featuring a famous person they know went on to part with their hard-earned cash for the product they were endorsing. If you were to follow this technique, some of the people who make a purchase may have been customers you wouldn’t have been able to reach beforehand.

However, the star you choose doesn’t just have to stare into a camera, clutching onto your product and smiling. There are other ways that their endorsement could be put to good use. We all know how gowns that are seen on the red carpet influence the fashion decisions of shoppers – often spurring cheaper alternatives in mainstream stores. To the same extent, getting a celebrity to use your product – perhaps by sending them samples in the post – is enough for demand to soar. Why not get them to give you a shout-out on Twitter?

Celebrity Endorsements work well in most western markets – especially in America. Up to half of those who were recently polled in the power that stars have in their purchasing decisions said that an endorsement could lead them to make an impulsive purchase, or even change brands. That said, you should always remember why you’ve chosen a particular celebrity – because of their reputation. And if the slightest whiff of scandal affects their image, it’ll impinge on yours. This is why making a careful selection is so important.

Celebrity Endorsements List

Celebrity Endorsements List helps you to find a star who has interests and a lifestyle that’s similar to your brand. For example, if you’re launching a new tool that’s designed to help people get fitter, you’ll want a healthy ambassador who is an athlete or a professional sportsperson. The main goal of these lists is to also help you find a celebrity who isn’t already endorsing too many people, or a company that could be deemed as a rival. Otherwise, a conflict of interest is created.

Top Celebrity Endorsements

Top Celebrity Endorsements can really gain value for money in the social media sphere, too. That’s because it’s often extremely hard to get people who browse online to pay attention to the adverts which precede videos, and decorate websites. In order to get them to visit your website, and watch a 30-second clip in full, any advert often needs a celebrity endorsement or a really interesting storyline. One in ten people will watch a commercial for a brand they’re not even interested in if a celebrity they like is featured in it.

Celebrity Product Endorsements

Celebrity Product Endorsements are changing at the speed of light. There are now so many apps which young people use – including Snapchat, BBM, and WhatsApp. That’s combined with the other forms of social media out there, such as Facebook and Twitter. The emphasis is slowly moving away from television and radio. Also, many youngsters don’t just look to celebrities for guidance and inspiration these days. Bloggers and YouTube stars are also influential, and getting them to endorse your product is often the best way to generate sales in this affluent demographic.

Celebrity Endorsement Costs

Celebrity Endorsement Costs aren’t fixed for every single star who is out there. If there is one famous person who is getting a lot of attention and demand to be involved in advertising, it’s only natural that they’ll hike up their prices. You also need to watch out for stars who have spread themselves too thin – and seem to be on every single commercial that’s out there. Find someone who actually endorses products they believe in and use, and a celebrity who doesn’t do it at every opportunity. That makes consumers more likely to trust them, and you.

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics indicate that there is still plenty of appetite in the marketplace for well-known people to recommend products to the public. It validates your brand in the eyes of consumers, and helps demand for your goods and services to grow. From here, you gain brand loyalty, and your company will start to gain recognition without the need for a famous face. Just ensure that the celebrity is taking part in a fun, edgy and clever campaign that’s well thought out. Otherwise, it’s just like throwing your dollars down the drain.

Celebrity Endorsement Examples

Celebrity Endorsement Examples are easy to come by – however, there are triumphs and failures along the way. Just look at the football icon and former Manchester United star David Beckham. His pictures sporting underwear for Calvin Klein created a global conversation that was appealing to both men and women alike. Even though the product was geared towards one particular demographic and gender, it didn’t stop everyone from uniting behind the commercial and celebrating it. Such feats in advertising are hard to find – but you could do it by getting the right celebrity to endorse your product.

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad often center on the people who have been the public faces of a company for many years, only to become mired in a scandal. The running theme for such incidents tends to surround sports stars – who build their lives on winning through integrity and hard work, only to be outed as love cheats or people who have been taking performance-enhancing drugs. Just look at Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. It’s fair to say that people have high expectations of the stars they admire.

The Celebrity Source

When done right, the cost of a celebrity endorsement can be far outweighed by the profits and brand recognition it brings to your company. It’s all about doing your research and trying to make an informed decision. But who will be able to offer their advice and connections to create a successful campaign? Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats