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Book a Celebrity – Make It An A-List Event

Book a Celebrity and there’s no reason why your business can’t soar. It instantly bumps up the profile of your company or event – especially if the star of your choice is still in the public sphere. Media coverage is guaranteed, and the levels of attendance will be sure to skyrocket. The only challenge that many people encounter is where to find the perfect star. Surely it’s near impossible to track down an A-lister? How do you even begin to make contact with them, anyway?

That’s where a specialist booking service comes in. With their expertise and wide range of contacts, a professional agency is able to combine your interests with theirs. To begin, they take a detailed look at what your requirements are – such as the dates you need to book a celebrity, and the nature of their appearance. Are you looking for them to make a speech, or mingle with guests? All of this is taken into account, and the agency will handle all of the negotiations to guarantee the celebrity can attend.

Patrick Stewart

Book a Celebrity – Make It An A-List Event

Book a Celebrity who has a solid image, too. You don’t want your brand associated with somebody who has a long history of controversy. Instead, go for an A-lister who is trusted and respected in the public sphere. Did you know that James Earl Jones – who voiced Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies – is actually the most trusted celebrity in America? Or that Tom Hanks and Michael J. Fox took second and third place in that same poll? Having your finger on the pulse – and knowing who is hot – is a good idea.

Of course, your budget might mean that getting Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman to pay a visit to your event isn’t possible. However, if you’re a charity, there’s no reason why they won’t take exception to your cause. It’s all about making an impassioned pitch – and showing why your not-for-profit organization deserves support. As many celebrities already have several good causes that they offer vocal and financial support to, the only thing to consider is whether they may decline owing to a conflict of interest.

Book a Celebrity well in advance, is the advice of any specialist agent. Given the complex filming schedules and world tours that many of today’s stars have, it’s important to express an interest months in advance. After all, if a singer is advertising gigs up to two years in the future, even the most distant of dates might be blocked out for something else. If you leave this important detail to the last minute, disappointment is almost always guaranteed. Bear this in mind.

Book a celebrity for an event

Book a celebrity for an event and tickets will sell out like hot cakes. One great example of where someone famous can come in handy is during an awards ceremony. If they are able to offer recognition to people in a workplace or school, the boost to morale in the office or classroom will be immensely noticeable. As an alternative, you might look for a star who can offer inspiration with a speech on how they made it to the top. To get the right celeb, you need to know their story.

Book a celebrity for your party

Book a celebrity for your party for that added wow factor. These days, reality stars are all the rage – and they have never been more available. Whether you’re a fan of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, or Geordie Shore in the UK, there’s a plethora of ordinary people who have enjoyed extraordinary exposure. Who knows: you might end up with a party animal who is able to propel your bash to new heights. Just make sure the fee isn’t at the expense of other party expenses!

Hire a celebrity

Hire a celebrity for your next business event, and there’s every chance that they will add credibility to your operation. Even if they aren’t endorsing you specifically, today’s stars have a fantastic talent for attracting attention. In some instances, they might be able to send out a tweet to their millions of followers. It could be a selfie with attendees of your event, or a casual mention of your brand. In return, you’ll likely get thousands of people paying a visit to your social media pages and website.

Book a celebrity for a party

Book a celebrity for a party in secret and you could make someone’s dream come true. However, it’s all about knowing the audience. For example, every nine-year-old in the land probably dreams of Justin Bieber – or a member of One Direction – popping in for a visit as the birthday cake is being cut. However, if Dolly Patron was to swing round, they probably wouldn’t have a clue who she is. A booking specialist is there to help you find the right celeb for every occasion.

Book a celebrity appearance

Book a celebrity appearance and you could find that it’s an amazing investment for your business. In many ways, it’s a two-way street. Have you ever noticed that when a celebrity appears on a TV show, it’s often because they have a new movie, single, or book out? Whenever you want to get an A-lister to grace them with your presence, try to see if they have any upcoming promotions. You could get a discount because they’ll benefit from the added, personal exposure the appearance would bring.

Book a celebrity singer

Book a celebrity singer and there’s no doubt of creating a night that nobody will ever forget. Just make sure they sound as good live as they do on iTunes! Although the songs may sound the same as when they’re in a packed stadium, the intimacy of booking a vocalist for a small crowd is not to be ignored. It creates a special, indescribable atmosphere that makes the performance all the more authentic. Even better, they should be able to take requests, and engage in a bit of conversation!

Book a celebrity cruise

Book a celebrity cruise and you’ll really be pushing the boat out. Of course, you’ll just have to hope that the weather is on your side. Here, you’ll be able to get your closest friends and family – or colleagues and clients if it’s a professional affair – and take to the sea. It could be for a special three-course dinner to commemorate an anniversary, or the retirement of a long-standing colleague. By giving a booking specialist a list of your preferences, finding the right talent need not be a hassle.

Book a celebrity chef

Book a celebrity chef and you’ll really whip up a storm. Many of the famous cooks we know and love are highly trained, and branched out into the media because of their delicious recipes or unique personalities. And oftentimes, you’ll find that they are exactly the same in person as they are on television! One wonderful way to utilize their appearance is to organize a Q&A, where they can answer questions about their experiences working in some of the world’s finest restaurants.

The Celebrity Source

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought – but remember, by approaching a specialist who has strong connections with the stars, the possibilities are endless. Now is the time to give your business or party a boost with a bit of celebrity power! Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Book a Celebrity – Make It An A-List Event