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Book a Celebrity – Push The Boat Out Today

Book a Celebrity and watch your company grow exponentially in size. This savvy business move helps your goods and services to reach whole new audiences, and adds plenty of appeal to any upcoming events in the pipeline. Not only will you gain precious column inches in newspapers – and airtime on the television – but more people will be interested in visiting your venue. Even though all of this sounds appealing, many people find the process of hiring a celebrity to be a major stumbling block, but it needn’t be.

An experienced celebrity bureau is the best place to start. They have the knowhow and the connections needed to discover the ultimate middle ground between your requirements and those of the celebrity in question. Any booking begins with a consultation with a talented agent, who will learn more about your objectives and when you’re looking for the star to make their debut. In addition, you also need to explain what you want the celebrity to do – whether it’s talk to a crowd, or interact with audiences on a one-to-one basis.

Hill-Harper at podiumBook a Celebrity and you need to vet their history, to an extent. Remember: if they are going to become a spokesperson for your company, their reputation will have an impact on your own. After all, that’s the whole point of an endorsement, isn’t it? Always look for someone who has earned the trust and admiration of the nation. According to research, Ellen DeGeneres is the star who has the most influence when it comes to advertisements. Other celebrities who are trusted include Tom Hanks and James Earl Jones.

The only thorn in any side will be how much the endorsement or appearance of an A-lister will set you back. For non-profit organizations, it’s often possible for them to enjoy the support of well-known stars at heavily-discounted rates – or for free. This is especially true if the celebrity is a strong advocate for your cause, or if their lives have been personally affected by the issue you’re campaigning about. Unfortunately, in some cases, they may have to reject certain opportunities if they are already endorsing one of your rivals.

Book a Celebrity months before the expected date of their appearance, too. This is probably the main piece of advice that any booking specialist would give to one of their prospective customers. Given how many vocalists have world tours sewn up years in advance – and comedians are sporadically unavailable owing to their gigs around the country – you really need to have some flexibility and long-sightedness when it comes to securing their appearance. Although the cost might be a bit hefty now, it’ll all be worth it on the big day.

Book a celebrity for an event

Book a celebrity for an event and you’ll be inundated with requests for tickets from brand-new customers who have always wanted to meet that particular star. One of the nicest opportunities for getting an A-lister is when awards are being given out at schools or companies. They can come on stage, offer an introductory speech, shake hands with the recipients, and share a few pleasant words. This often acts as a massive boost to productivity and morale, not least because those who didn’t get awards will work doubly as hard in the coming year for recognition!

Book a celebrity for your party

Book a celebrity for your party and it will be like no bash you’ve thrown before. For youngsters, one of the best stars could be someone from a reality TV show – such as Jersey Shore, Britain’s Geordie Shore, or the Magaluf Weekender. They come across as likeable, accessible, and just like us – which makes them ideal candidates for tagging along at a birthday party. Try to budget carefully, and take care of all of the other party costs – such as the venue, food and beverages – before pushing the boat out and making a booking.

Hire a celebrity

Hire a celebrity when your company is next inviting clients and guests, and your operation will go up in the estimations of the people who matter. The star doesn’t even need to give you an explicit endorsement – the mere fact that they’re making an appearance will speak volumes enough. As well as getting them to attend in person, consider enlisting their digital expertise, too. Given the strong followings that many celebrities have on Twitter and Facebook, a supportive message from them could go a long way in boosting your profile.

Book a celebrity for a party

Book a celebrity for a party and a specialist agent will try their level best to make sure that the surprise stays well under wraps. After all, if you tell every visitor that an A-lister is going to be surprising the guest of honor, it’ll become really difficult to suppress a leak! The agency will help to iron out all of those little details – and pick someone who is relevant to the age group the lucky party animal belongs to. This will prevent a crooner from the 1960s raising eyebrows at a Sweet 16 party!

Book a celebrity appearance

Book a celebrity appearance and give your company that streak of innovation that it’s been crying out for. For many famous faces, it’s also an opportunity for them to promote their own wares. One example of this is when they are about to launch a new season of their television program. You’ll often find that they are doing the rounds on late-night talk shows to gain publicity and drum up interest. If you time the celebrity appearance around this promotion cycle, you might be in line for a cheaper fee.

Book a celebrity singer

Book a celebrity singer and any event will be instantly transformed into something memorable. There’s something raw, magical and authentic about hearing a vocalist sing live – whether they’re a cappella or backed by a band. This is because there are no synthesizers or other special effects meddling with their voice. The intimate atmosphere means that it’s also easy for guests to spend some time individually with the performer, and make requests for their favorite songs. Obviously, top-selling singers who are currently in the public eye could charge six or seven figures for just one night.

Book a celebrity cruise

Book a celebrity cruise and it’ll be the journey of a lifetime. You just need to make sure that the star you choose isn’t sea sick! This is a chance for your closest friends or colleagues to enjoy the company of a star they have idolized for many years. There are several ways you can make the most of this opportunity – whether it’s a sit-down meal, a Q&A session, a live performance, or getting the star to work the room and talk to everybody. A booking specialist will give you plenty of ideas on how to make the most out of this special occasion.

Book a celebrity chef

Book a celebrity chef and there’s plenty of food for thought! If you want to see what their signature dishes are like, without visiting their restaurants (because most of the time, they don’t even cook there), this is a fantastic opportunity. You might also want to give culinary fans a delicious treat by organizing a master class with the famous cook, or invite the celebrity along to a book signing. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be a magic opportunity to get a whole new perspective on food.

The Celebrity Source

Anything is possible when you hire a celebrity – but of course, the main hurdle is getting in touch with their agent and securing the booking. Thankfully, there are specialist bureaus out there just waiting for your call, ready to give you a hand. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Book a Celebrity – Push The Boat Out Today