Book a Celebrity – What Difference Will It Make To Your Event?

Book a Celebrity and make the special occasion that you are planning an event that nobody will ever forget! By booking a celebrity you will raise your game so it sits right up there – with the stars. And the beauty of booking a celeb is that you won’t ever have to make do with someone you don’t really know, or who you’re not that fond of because celebrities from every area of film, screen, stage, song, dance and reality TV are more than happy to make guest appearances.

Perhaps you are a planning a charity dinner party and would like to have a celebrity guest speaker so that your diners are more than tempted to part with their cash for your special cause. There are plenty of celebrities who are more than happy to join you for dinner and then entertain your guests; comedians and sports personalities are favourites for this kind of occasion. Or perhaps you are responsible for the grand opening of some venture in your home town. Local celebrities are ideal for this kind of function – and are easy to book!

Book a Celebrity means that it is also possible to book someone famous in a particular area to help you out. An example of this is hiring a celebrity choreographer to show you how to get your moves right when you dance your first steps at your wedding. Or maybe you are a singer and have an important performance coming up and you feel like you could do with some expert tuition just to get you pitch perfect. There are endless celebrity singers who would be more than happy to give you guidance.

Do not think for one minute that the celebrities you will be able to book will be names from the past and so your younger guests will have no idea of who they are. There are hundreds of celebrities who are currently making headline news as well as featuring in the gossip magazines available to hire for your event. Can you imagine the response you will get when your guests think you have achieved the impossible? You will almost have celebrity status yourself!

Book a Celebrity is a fantastic way of making your event noticed. You will add glamour, style and more than little of the wow factor! And if you are fund raising, what better way could there be of grabbing the attention of the media? Having a celebrity at this kind of function is a way of announcing that this famous person endorses your cause and you’ll find the money pouring in as a result, which will certainly outweigh the cost of the hiring of the celebrity.

Book a celebrity for an event

Book a Celebrity – What Difference Will It Make To Your Event?

Book a Celebrity – What Difference Will It Make To Your Event?

Book a celebrity for an event can be a daunting thought but once you get down to it you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to arrange. Many celebrities have lulls in their careers and so are happy to fill these gaps by attending events. They do it for a couple of reasons – naturally, they enjoy the added income but it is also a way of making sure that they are in the public’s consciousness and are not fading into the background.

Book a celebrity for your party

Book a celebrity for your party but don’t tell any of your guests anything about it before they turn up! Can you imagine the impact that would have? “Oh by the way, have you met Gary Barlow/Cheryl Cole/Nicole Scherzinger… or whoever?” Obviously you can hire whoever you like to attend your party – and you may simply want them to mingle, but it would also add extra pizzazz to your night if your celebrity could perform for your guests – and you can guarantee, nobody will ever be able to top your party!

Hire a celebrity

Hire a celebrity as a fundraising opportunity; a Public Relations exercise; to increase credibility; as a staff morale building exercise or for many other reasons – but make sure that you do it properly. There are many organisations that offer to get you your celebrity of choice but make sure that you are dealing with a creditable company before you sign anything or hand over any cash. Check out testimonials and don’t be afraid of asking them any questions in order to clarify their competence.

Book a celebrity for a party

Book a celebrity for a party and you might be surprised that it doesn’t cost as much as you had feared. Organisations and agencies have many celebrities on their books who are happy to be present at a number of different events so they are adept at making the arrangements – and keeping the costs within many people’s budgets. Obviously the more well known celebs are going to cost the most but thanks to Reality TV there are many new faces that have achieved fame and will appear at your function for a fraction of the cost.

Book a celebrity appearance

Book a celebrity appearance In order to give your event the publicity it needs but make sure you choose the right one for the occasion. Think about what you are trying to achieve and who your other guests are likely to be. It’s not likely that a raucous comedian who litters his act with words of the four letter variety will do much good at a gathering of Women’s Institute members, in the same way that a group of under-twenties would not be impressed with Neil Diamond.

Book a celebrity singer

Book a celebrity singer as the grand finale to your corporate event and you can be sure that your prospective clients will remember the night for all the right reasons. When you make your booking remember that you are investing in your business and that the event needs to work as a PR exercise. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should spend so much on your singer that your business is in trouble. If your budget is tight, many agencies also have access to lesser known singers or to tribute bands.

Book a celebrity cruise

Book a celebrity cruise and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime – or use it as a team building exercise. There are many celebrities that take to the high seas as a way of supplementing their income and to fill in periods when they are not so active. There are many choices of locations, as well as the duration of travel so no matter what your holiday budget is, it is likely that you could be rubbing shoulders with someone you have only ever seen on screen before.

Book a celebrity chef

Book a celebrity chef as an after dinner guest speaker at your charity function or corporate event, or to actually create and cook the menu. Imagine your guest faces when they realise that the delicious meal they have just enjoyed has been cooked by the celebrity chef who emerges from the kitchen to take a bow. Or you could get your celeb chef to head up a team building exercise for your staff – perhaps cooking a meal from foraged ingredients over an open fire.

The Celebrity Source

The Celebrity Source will work with you in order to discover exactly what your needs and expectations are – and to operate within your budget so that your event is successful beyond your wildest expectations. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Book a Celebrity – What Difference Will It Make To Your Event?