Celebrity Endorsements – Brand Awareness That Skyrockets

Celebrity Endorsements – Brand Awareness That Skyrockets

Celebrity Endorsements are without question one of the best ways you can improve awareness of your brand, whether you’re promoting a music player, car, lamp or shoe! Celebrities have been used since the early days of advertising to show customers that the brand in question represents a quality product or service – and today, celebrity endorsements are available to more companies than ever.

Finally, you can promote your brand the world over with a simple product endorsement from a celebrity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a television advertisement, radio advertisement, newspaper feature, Twitter post or anything else, a celebrity endorsement gives you the chance to reach millions of people quickly, and immediately plant your brand name in their head. It wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t work! Today, it’s easier than ever to arrange these celebrity endorsements, and there are plenty of ways to arrange it! Whether through a product gift to a celebrity, or a paid endorsement and appearance, it is an effective method of showing customers your brand, product or service.

Celebrity Endorsements can be arranged through a simple hiring method. When people hire celebrities to speak at events, it can be for endorsement purposes. For instance, you may wish to arrange for a speaker to come along to your product launch. A celebrity that has a particular connection to your brand will be best, and during your announcements to the public and press, your celebrity guest can appear on stage praising your services or product. This is becoming increasingly popular, and has been used by major companies like Apple time and time again, specifically through the use of live music performances at their announcements.

Another popular way to arrange endorsement is simply to gift a product to a celebrity. If the celebrity likes your product, they may be seen in public using it, or even promote it themselves on their social media feeds. Product endorsement in the form of a Tweet, video or Facebook post will have a massive impact for any brand!

Celebrity Endorsements are cost effective and an intelligent way to present your new brand to the public, or to help increase awareness for a brand that has recently been slipping out of the public eye. Along with viral marketing, celebrity endorsements is one of the most effective. By combining celebrity support for an effective marketing campaign, you can rest assured that your brand, or cause, will remain in the public eye for some time. If you choose the right celebrity, you can even cause a media frenzy! Choose wisely, but be sure to choose celebrity endorsements for you marketing needs.

Celebrity Endorsements List is your first step to choosing the celebrity who is best for your brand. Draw up a list of your requirements, and what kinds of attributes would best suit your brand or event. Then, create a list of celebrities that you believe are within your price range and who would be best suited to you. Once you have this list, we can help you decide the best way forward. Our team will even help you draw up the celebrity endorsement list to ensure that you are going in the right direction with your marketing campaign or launch.

Top Celebrity Endorsements will usually bring about the best results for your campaign. The higher profile the celebrity, the more likely it is that you will get widespread media coverage. If you choose a celebrity that has links to your brand or area of interest, then the media will be particularly interested in what your celebrity guest has to say. Equally, if you use an unexpected guest, the media will no doubt be eager to question you and your celebrity about your collaboration. The possibilities are endless!

Celebrity Product Endorsements happen all the time. Tech companies often send their brand new phones, tablets and laptops to some of the biggest tech-loving celebrities out there. With free gifts, companies hope that the celebrity posts about their love for the product – and if it pays off, well, they’re in the money! The huge reach that celebrities have online, and through the television, means that the product is instantly advertised to millions of people. Remember to send your product to celebrities who are likely to relate to it!

Celebrity Endorsement Costs the cost of an endorsement changes depending on how the endorsement works. Sometimes it might just cost the price of one product to send to a celebrity. If, however, you’d like a celebrity to speak to the media or at a launch event, you will have to pay a fee for their time. This can be anything from around $5,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, it reaches even higher – but in the long run, these kinds of endorsements can drastically improve your sales, making it entirely worthwhile!

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics are always being monitored, and the influence of celebrities always being compared. Research papers from Ace Metrix recently showed that the impact of celebrities on television advertisements has dropped significantly. However, the same report showed that celebrities who have close links to the brand tend to have more influence over the relevant market. So remember – choose a celebrity that is passionate about your brand, and a clever script that informs and intrigues your audience, whether at an event or at home.