Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product

Celebrity Endorsements can offer a fantastic opportunity to increase your turnover exponentially! If you are a young business then it is difficult to get the credibility that you need to be successful because basically you are asking people to hand their money over on trust. How do they know that you are as good as claim to be? How do they know that they are going to get a service or product that is worth the money that you are asking them to spend?

If you get a celebrity on board, suddenly everyone wants to listen. And there’s more to having a celebrity turn up at your premises for a quick meet and greet and to get a quick photo for the press – a celebrity can spend some time talking about the value your business has offered them, for example. Get it filmed and make sure that it hits YouTube and is on your own website for all your visitors to view. Add to that some Twitter reviews and watch your profits soar.

Celebrity Endorsements can make all the difference to a business’ success, no matter what size it it. Don’t think that because you are a small outfit with only a few members of staff that a celebrity wouldn’t make any difference to your turnover. One of the biggest things a business relies on is word of mouth – and if it is a celebrity that is singing your praises, you can be sure that more people are going to sit up and listen.

Advertising and promotions are a sure fire way of getting people to know where you are and what you are about – but they have to be done right. There is absolutely no point spending a fortune on an advertising campaign if it is directed at the wrong audience – we all know that, right? The beauty of having a celebrity doing your promotion for you is that there will be no wrong audience. No matter what you sell, having a celeb promote it will get people talking – and even if they don’t have a need for what you have to offer, the person they talk to might.

Celebrity Endorsements work on so many levels. Imagine Jennifer Aniston telling the world that she got a great deal and a great product when she bought a hot tub off you. People who see that will talk – and maybe the old couple next door are only interested in hearing about you seeing that nice girl off Friends but their grandchildren might be interested in a hot tub, so when the old couple tell them about you seeing Jennifer Aniston…

Celebrity Endorsements List

Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product

Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product

Celebrity Endorsements List – these are available online. Simply type the phrase into any search engine and you will be presented with lists of celebrities that have endorsed products from all areas from scholarly to beauty products throughout the last few years. These are an excellent way of looking to see which celebs other companies have used and when. The next step is to Google these campaigns to see how successful they were and what they achieved for the product company.

Top Celebrity Endorsements

Top Celebrity Endorsements are the ones that demand the biggest fees but look what you get for your money. Pepsi has cornered more than its fair share of hot stars – and what better way to cool down than to get people like Beyoncé, Britney Spears and P!nk to down a can or two? And who can make H&M underwear look better than Mr Golden Balls himself? In fact David Beckham’s income has been heavily increased by the public’s desire to see him endorse, well just about anything really.

Celebrity Product Endorsements

Celebrity Product Endorsements have inspired much research – much of it scholarly and including brain scans to see how people react to the sight of a non-celeb endorsing something, compared to a celeb endorsing the same product. Results show that women are much more likely to be influenced by a celeb endorsement than a man – and this fact has been linked to the power of the princess dream. From the cradle, the majority of women have beauty linked to self-worth so a perfect looking celeb endorsing shoes, clothes and makeup is a dead cert winner for promoters.

Celebrity Endorsement Costs

Celebrity Endorsement Costs vary tremendously depending upon who you are asking to be the face of your product but you won’t get much change from $4 million for a 30 second Super Bowl commercial – and that doesn’t include the cost of hiring the celeb or shooting the ad. And of course, celebs are not aware that there is any other way to travel except for first class – flights, limos and hotels – and you will get the tab so you need to make sure your company can stand the cost. Of course, you can get much cheaper if you don’t go for an A-lister.

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics show that there has been a marked increase in celebrity endorsements throughout the last decade. But interestingly, celebs are also using the endorsements to reinforce their own standing on the world stage. Rihanna was spotted by Totes before her chart topping single Umbrella was released and between them they raised their sales and her profile. Nowadays, Rihanna is trying to target an older audience and so refuses any endorsements that her management team think won’t benefit her image.

Celebrity Endorsement Examples

Celebrity Endorsement Examples are many – and using celebs to endorse products is not a new concept. As long ago as the 1940s, film stars were posing for cigarette companies, and in the 1950s, on-screen one-liner gag king, Bob Hope pushed American Express. And just look at Bill Cosby – he has been endorsing Jell-O for three decades. Screen stars are not the only ones supplementing their income by endorsements – Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have earned far more endorsement dollars than they did from their sports.

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad is not something that promoters like to hear about – but they do happen. Often this is because the celebrity’s real life goes bad, which throws a negative impact on any endorsements they are currently doing. After being linked with drugs, Kate Moss lost her contracts with H&M, Chanel and Burberry. The H&M contract alone was worth a reported 4 million a year. Tiger Woods also lot lucrative contracts after it was revealed he was less than a perfect husband.

Celebrity Endorsements 2013

Celebrity Endorsements 2013 had its usual plethora of celebrities endorsing products, but one thing came to light. It would appear that people are more ready to believe the spiel if a sports celeb endorses a sporting product. Well that makes sense, and Nike were not slow on the uptake – after all, how can you make a pair of sports shoes the next big craze? Easy, it would appear when you call your shoes LeBron-11, charge 200 bucks for them and get LeBron James to endorse them.

The Celebrity Source

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Celebrity Endorsements – Grab the Right Attention for Your Product