Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval

Celebrity Endorsements extend far beyond getting their face to appear on the front of a milk carton. Bearing this in mind, if that’s what you’re looking for, it can certainly be arranged. In this day and age, the right contacts – and a company that has your interests at heart – will enable you to go viral with innovative ways to maximize the capital that a famous person’s endorsement would have. In this article, we’re going to explore just some of the innovative ways that you can boost your profitability and profile among prospective consumers.

First, let’s imagine that you have a great idea that you’re simply itching to get to market. Thanks to the Internet, crowdfunding has become a popular way to do this. You explain what your business model is, and then interested consumers make a financial contribution to bring it to fruition. If you’re able to get the support of a well-known celebrity during this campaign, the monetary aid you’ll receive will go through the roof – and you may exceed your target. That’s because a familiar face offers credibility to you.

Celebrity Endorsements, especially in sport, often center on clothing, too. Think of it this way: when a famous person is being photographed all the time, what they’re wearing will always be the focus of attention. There are showbiz sites dedicated to helping the average Joe to replicate their look. By approaching a celebrity and getting them to wear your gear – or branded items which sport your logo – it’s a strong endorsement that’s sure to turn heads. Many TV personalities get dozens of requests a day from fans, asking what they’re wearing.

Social media is also playing a part as well, especially in this changing media landscape. Just one retweet from a megastar such as Justin Bieber or Rihanna could help you to gain thousands of followers in minutes – not to mention exposure to an audience that’s numbering in the millions. Although celebrities do vary in their presence on social media, this is one avenue of endorsement that’s definitely worth exploring – especially if you’re trying to appeal to people in a younger demographic.

Celebrity Endorsements that are old fashioned still work amazingly, too. For example, getting a star to be the face of your product in an advertisement can work wonders. That’s because most members of the public want to be like the celebrities they idealize the most. If you’re able to secure a deal where they’re the face of your brand, it will dramatically increase sales – especially if you can create the impression that they use your product on a regular basis. It makes it appear more upmarket, helping you to justify price increases.

Celebrity Endorsements List

Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval

Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval

Celebrity Endorsements List can be found from a reputable company. Look for one that has a strong track record in setting up deals which are mutually beneficial for the famous, as well as the businesses. You should also see which avenues of endorsement that a celebrity prefers. In some cases – particularly in TV – it can be as simple as product placement. This is where they might be seen drinking from a branded cup, or using a particular coffee machine, during a program.

Top Celebrity Endorsements

Top Celebrity Endorsements can come in the form of testimonials, too. If you know for a fact that a famous person uses your goods or services on a regular basis – and if you’re quite a substantially large company, that’s probably the case, getting a quote where they describe their experience can be explosive. It can go on your website, and on other promotional materials. This instills confidence in people who are considering whether or not to spend their hard-earned cash with you – the mentality that “if it’s good enough for a celebrity, then it is for me”.

Celebrity Product Endorsements

Celebrity Product Endorsements can get innovative, too. For example, if you produce kitchen utensils, then getting a famous chef to organize a video tutorial where they put your items to use is an awesome idea. It helps you to capitalize on more than their well-known face – but their experience and gravitas in the industry where they built their fame. This can go viral on YouTube, and send orders for your goods and services through the roof. As you’ll notice in adverts online, this is a growing market and an increasingly popular method.

Celebrity Endorsement Costs

Celebrity Endorsement Costs do vary – depending on the platform with which you decide to get their recommendation, and their stature. However, do remember that no price is set in stone, and there are different incentives that can be offered to get a famous star to sign on the dotted line. An experienced broker who has plenty of contact with celebrities will be able to offer more information on this during a free, no-obligation consultation. It helps you to gain a fresh insight into the ways a celebrity could help.

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics can be difficult to gauge. It’s best to look at old marketing methods. Look at the difference in product sales before and after your celebrity came on board – or, if you want the hard facts prior to taking the plunge – try to request some case studies from the consultant who is finding a celebrity on your behalf. Looking at the retweets, or hits, when an endorsement occurs via Twitter or YouTube will also give you an idea of what a thumbs up from a famous person can do to your company’s profile.

Celebrity Endorsement Examples

Celebrity Endorsement Examples can be found across the Internet – you don’t need to look far. There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration, and trying to emulate the success that other companies have had with your own product and own celebrity. Also, tapping into the experience of the agency you’re using to hook up with the celebrity shouldn’t be undervalued either. They will usually have a brochure that shows the campaigns and endorsements that they’ve helped to establish in the past, helping you to determine if you’re on their wavelength.

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad are many. It’s normally when a famous person becomes embroiled in a scandal. When Tiger Woods, the golfing supremo, was having his difficulties, many of his sponsors who were relying on his endorsement had to pull the plug. In turn, he lost millions of dollars in revenue fast. You should find a celebrity who has a clean image, and someone who is ideally free of scandal. If you pick unwisely, it could taint your brand because of the close association between the two.

Celebrity Endorsements 2013

Celebrity Endorsements 2013 have centered on a lot of things – for example, perfumes, clothes and shops. However, one of the really interesting differences is how many technologically-minded celebrities are beginning to back apps – or indeed, put their name to content. For example, Ashton Kutcher has his own social network of sorts, which posts viral content. Choosing a celebrity company that has a unique insight into how the market is changing allows you to stay ahead of the curve with your endorsement strategy.

The Celebrity Source

Endorsements can be invaluable at this day and age. It’s a chance to attract customers who are fans of the celebrity, and gain a firmer reputation within your industry. But where should you go in order to attract a famous face? Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Endorsements – A Seal of Approval