Celebrity Endorsements – Whys Does Anyone Bother With Them?

Celebrity Endorsements Offer a way in which to promote an event or a product. Using a famous person to sell something is a technique that has been used for many, many years and can mean anything from having a celebrity open a new shopping mall to having an A-List star becoming the ‘face’ of a product or brand for a number of years. The reason this is so successful is because the celebrity appears to be endorsing the product and therefore their own popularity extends to that brand.

Manufacturers of just about everything like to give their products celebrity status purely and simply because it works. If you are not convinced, do some research and look for magazine, newspaper, TV, and cinema adverts (you will be convinced before you get halfway through this list so there won’t be a need to look at any other forms of media) and make a list of all the products you find that have celebrity backing and you’ll discover it’s not just chocolate, hair products and perfume.

Celebrity Endorsements Can be arranged even before a new product gets beyond the design stage purely and simply because manufacturers know that if they get the right face behind their product then it is going to fly off the shelves and no item is too lowly to be given the star treatment. Famous names such as Nicole Scherzinger have made us believe that there is nothing she would rather eat than yoghurt, and David Beckham – well is there anything that man can’t sell?

It also helps if a celebrity is promoting an item that is affiliated to what they do, which is why sports stars are in such high demand when it comes to sportswear and equipment. There is a downside to all of this though – for the celebrity. If they have a contract attaching them to a brand then heaven help them if they are caught using anything else. Not only do they stand to lose their contract but they could be sued for having breached it – not good news if they don’t actually like what they’re selling!

Celebrity Endorsements Are certainly not the cheapest way to promote a brand but for many manufacturers they are worth it because of the returns they bring. And it is that you should consider when you are thinking of ways to effectively push your brand, product, fundraiser or event. Celebrities are worth their weight in autographs when it comes to getting people to put their hands in their pockets so don’t be afraid of using this method that has proved itself over and over again.

Celebrity Endorsements List

justin_bieber2Celebrity Endorsements List Can be found quite easily if you search on the Internet, and you will soon discover that there is very little that a celebrity hasn’t endorsed over the years. The reason for this is quite simple. By having their name and face plastered over every screen, billboard and even at half time at sport stadiums, the celebrity not only keeps their image out there, but they also earn a fortune – not bad as a pocket money earner for the times their real job is quiet!

Top Celebrity Endorsements

Top Celebrity Endorsements Throw up the usual suspects but you may be surprised at the order in which they come. In tenth place is Beyoncé, followed by David Beckham and LeBron James. Strangely, Justin Bieber is ahead of Beckham by two places, but he is still behind 50 Cent and Brad Pitt (no surprises there). Sport finds its mark next with Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt. In second place is Catherine Zeta Jones, ($20 million in her first deal with T-Mobile) but the man who apparently has it all is Jay Z.

Celebrity Product Endorsements

Celebrity Product Endorsements Can be arranged through an agency but there are different types so make sure you find the kind that suits you best. Some agencies have a list of celebrities on their books and it is their job to make sure those celebs get the best deals – so they could sell you someone that isn’t really the best choice for your needs. Other agencies work on your behalf and after lots of consultation with you, get you the right celebrity (at the right price).

Celebrity Endorsement Costs

Celebrity Endorsement Costs Vary considerably depending upon which celebrity you choose and how long you want them to work your brand for you. Obviously, hiring a top celeb such as the ones mentioned in the top ten of celebrities for sale is going to cost you millions, but if you are looking at a smaller campaign, then you could get just who you are looking for for a few thousand. Remember, too, you are responsible for paying all of the celebrity’s costs, such as travel, meals and hotels.

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics Have been compiled by using a number of different factors in order to see whether the outlay necessary to this form of promotion actually works – and the answers are… well the answers all seem to say yes, but it’s an inexact science. Studies show that it pays to have an attractive person advertise a product that creates attractiveness (shampoo, for example) and a sportsperson promoting a sporting product or event, but there are some anomalies. David Beckham successfully promoted Sharpie Pens – but then, it is Beckham…

Celebrity Endorsement Examples

Celebrity Endorsement Examples Are many. Brad Pitt was the first male to advertise Chanel No. 5 back in 2012. Do you remember the adverts? Because, after all, that is what counts when we are measuring success. It was certainly successful for Mr Pitt; it earned him a very fragrant $6.7 million. It would seem that Justin Bieber refuses nothing if it means earning a few more bucks. The teen idol has sold millions of toothbrushes to his adoring fans and is now looking to push nail polish. Is there anything this heart throb can’t turn his hand to?

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad Is not something promoters like to hear – but it happens, and usually because the stars fall off their pedestals. Kate Moss had everything before her with many lucrative endorsement deals on the go – until she was seen snorting cocaine. Tiger Wood’s extra-marital activities not only ruined his advertising career but almost finished his golf, too. Chris Brown was the squeaky clean rapper that promoted milk of all things. Turns out he wasn’t as shiny as his image and assaulting Rihanna was never going to end well.

Celebrity Endorsements 2013

Celebrity Endorsements 2013 Had some great promotions but there were also some that didn’t quite cut it. For example, who has a problem with thinking that Michael Fassbender would think nothing about swimming the ocean just for a Guinness? No-one, that’s who. But come on, does Gwyneth Paltrow actually know that peas can be found in a store’s freezer section? Or that Justin Timberlake is the Bud Light kind of guy? When celebrity endorsements work, they’re amazing but when they are bad, they are unbelievable.

The Celebrity Source

The Celebrity Source is an agency that works with you and for you – not for the celebs, so they have more at stake to make sure they get it right. And at the right price, too. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Endorsements – Whys Does Anyone Bother With Them?