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Celebrity Speakers – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Celebrity Speakers have the potential to give your event the wow factor – but they must be a good fit for the crowd you’re catering to. By giving much consideration to who is going to take the stage at your next event, you’ll boost your chances of success – making it a lot easier (and less stressful) the next time you want to introduce an A-lister to the stage. After all, if your visitors are paying for the privilege of listening to the speaker, you want to make sure that they’re getting great value for money.

So: let’s begin by thinking about what you want your celebrity speaker to achieve. You might want the A-lister to explain how they achieved greatness and their reputation. Alternatively, you could be looking for a well-known celebrity who is known for their inspirational words. Indeed, the best speaker for you could have a fiery reputation and a distinctive point of view – one that would spark debate and be of entertainment to the audience. By explaining your hopes for the speech to your booking specialist, the whole process gets off on the right foot.

Meryl Streep speakingCelebrity Speakers do cost a pretty penny – some more than $30,000. However, given their value – and how much in demand – this trickles down to you, and the people who will be listening to the celebrity. By introducing a ticketing system, with higher prices for closer seats and other add-ons such as an autograph or a one-on-one introduction, it’s highly possible that you’ll be able to recoup the cost. Even better, you might even be able to generate sponsorship from another influential company.

However, given the financial risk associated with hiring a celebrity speaker, it’s important to know what you’re getting. Try to take a peek at a showreel, listen to them speak at another event, or see if there are any other clips of YouTube where they have shown what they can do. It could be the most serious topic in the world – agriculture in Tunisia or world peace – but there still needs to be a bit of laughter in order to make the room comfortable.

Celebrity Speakers do charge for adds-on, too. You might wonder what they are at first, but it becomes glaringly obvious. For example, it could be a nice idea to have a question and answer session for about half an hour once their speech has concluded. Your guests might also expect the speaker to stick around for socializing and a drink afterwards. All of this would make it a memorable night for anyone. Just make it clear to your booking specialist, and they’ll get it organized.

Celebrity Speakers for hire

Celebrity Speakers for hire can be snapped up weeks and months ahead. The strength of their bookings will be determined by testimonials from the people who have hired them in the past. You should also check to see whether the celebrity in question has recurring arrangements with organizations on an annual basis – as this shows whether or not they have impressed a crowd so much that they’re invited back. Don’t forget to have a little leeway on when the event takes place, as a celebrity might not be available on the exact date you were thinking, even if they are a perfect fit.

Celebrity Speakers for hire are willing to take your requests on board – and will be happy to adapt their routine around your requirements. This is particularly apt if you want them to slightly adjust their speech to complement the theme of the event. An A-lister can also add a new perspective on the issue that’s being debated at the venue, and this is something that’ll be of immense value to your audience. It’s important that they know what they’re talking about, and that the crowd can buy into what they have to say.

Celebrity Speakers fees

Celebrity Speakers fees are often costly. You could face more than $25,000 in fees for the pleasure of three or four hours in their presence. This can be negotiable, especially if you have an experienced booking specialist at the helm. During the initial consultation phase, the agent will help you to form realistic expectations of what the cost will be, enabling you to determine what’s feasible. Always remember to budget carefully, as you don’t want to end up losing money on your venture.

Celebrity Speakers fees can be substantial if it’s just you or your business picking up the tab – but there are entrepreneurial ways to recoup the costs. Why not start selling merchandise, or some of your own products, at the venue where the celebrity speaker will be making their appearance? You could also make it a ticketed event, and with the appropriate permission, you’ll get the chance to create DVDs and clips of the speech which can be used in future months and years. Remember: the profile and future business their appearance generates could be invaluable.

Celebrity Speakers bureau

Celebrity Speakers bureau is the one-stop-shop for your needs. It’s a chance to inject a bit of color and excitement into the event, and turn heads among the audience that has signed up for your event. In many ways, a celebrity speaker can be an absolute requirement if you’re leading a major expo or trade show – as your delegates and conference visitors will want to see exciting perspectives and an all-star guest list for each seminar. As you begin to gain more experience in hiring celebrity speakers, the process will get a lot easier.

Celebrity Speakers bureau come by the dozen, but some are better than others. The more experienced the business, the wider the connections they’ll be able to offer you as you try and find a famous face. Even better, a good bureau will offer specialized divisions with people who can offer inspirational perspectives, a series of humorous tales, or a brilliant form of political satire. Have a good listen and immerse yourself in the world of celebrity speakers to make the right decision.

Top Celebrity Speakers

Top Celebrity Speakers also need to be people who are reliable and dependable. If you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the event, it’s important that it isn’t ripped to shreds at the last moment by a no-show. Many bureau do offer last-minute stand-ins if a famous face is unable to turn up because of ill health or an emergency, however. By checking their past feedback to see what they have to offer, and their reputation in fulfilling their end of the bargain, you’ll be sure to make the right choice.

Celebrity Speakers cost

Celebrity Speakers cost substantial amounts. After all, they have a high profile, and their perspectives on life are often sought by large numbers of organizations. Because of this, you need to be prepared to make a compelling offer. That said, there’s every chance that they’ll be attracted to your conference or event – especially if it’s on a topic that they haven’t considered before, or if there’s a new adversary who they would love to engage in a debate with. All you need is a booking specialist who can do the hard sell on your behalf.

The Celebrity Source

With so many celebrity speakers out there, it’s all about quantity rather than quality. However, by getting a bureau, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and find the talent that’s perfect for your upcoming event. Even better, you’ll get a great speaker at a competitive price. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Celebrity Speakers – The Advantages And Disadvantages