Celebrity Speakers – The Right Speaker for Your Event

Celebrity Speakers – The Right Speaker for Your Event

Celebrity Speakers are a category of celebrities working to promote something in itself. These speakers are a popular choice amongst those who want to push a charity or other fundraising event into the limelight, as well as for subject specific lectures and seminars. People enjoy listening to a celebrity speak so if you decide to hire one for your event there’s one thing you can be very sure of – you will certainly have an audience hanging onto their every word.

Charity events very often choose to have an after dinner celebrity speaker. Choose a venue for the event to take place and then send out your invites. Often, a promotional email is sent to the database of people who have expressed an interest in something your organisation has done in the past. The email will invite people to book their place at a cost that you determine. This cost should cover your expenses – the venue, the meal, and the celebrity – and some extra for your cause.

Celebrity Speakers who are hired for these events can come from a variety of backgrounds. It isn’t uncommon for sports people to be invited to be an after dinner speaker. Even if they have retired from their sport, they are often still very popular and people enjoy listening to them recounting particular events or anecdotes about their time in the spotlight. Another popular choice are comedians for obvious reasons, but if you are tempted to go down this path, consider the type of humour on offer and check that it will suit your audience.

Other audience specific celebrity speakers are those that are hired to speak at a corporate event or something similar. For example, if you are hosting a lecture on computer programming, what better speaker could there be than Bill Gates? Or maybe your topic is how social media is impacting upon business; if so, how about Mark Zuckerberg? Of course, he would work for the first option too. If, however, you are hosting a seminar directed at fashion designers, then both of these would be useless!

Celebrity Speakers, therefore, need to be chosen wisely if you are going to get the best out of them. A dead cert way of making sure that you get the ideal celebrity speaker is to contact an agency like The Celebrity Source. All your event needs will be taken in to account and if you have no idea of who to choose, we can help you work through your options and what they entail. For example, if you choose someone who lives closer to your location, your costs will be reduced because travel won’t be as big an issue as for someone who has to cross time zones.

Celebrity Speakers for hire also include motivational speakers, business speakers, inspirational speakers, TV personalities, and adventurers, so you will have hundreds to chose from for your event regardless of what it is. Budget is very often a key issue when it comes to choosing a celebrity speaker and The Celebrity Source will work with you to get a great speaker within your range. In fact, because we work directly with celebrities rather than with their agents or managers we often get reduced rates.

Celebrity Speakers for hire will have varied topics of expertise that they can talk with authority on – and you may be surprised to learn that many of them have more than one subject area. This means that if the celebrity that you would like to have at your evnt has a prior engagement or is too expensive, there very well could be someone else who can fill their shoes just as well – and who will add a massive impact to your event.

Celebrity Speakers fees vary depending upon who they are. The more famous they are then it is likely that they will charge the most – and this can run to thousands of dollars. In addition to this, you will also be expected to pay for travel, accommodation and meal costs – and celebs tend to go first class all the way. There are some top celebs that price themselves into a lower price bracket so that they are more available, so if you are keen on someone, it is always worth asking the question.

Celebrity Speakers fees will be outlined to you before you make a booking, as well as anything else you will be expected to pay, so you will be able to budget your event properly. Very often you will be able to recoup the cost of your celebrity speaker by charging an entrance fee or by having a ticket only policy – for which you obviously charge. This will takes lots of organizing so make sure that you give yourself enough time.

Celebrity Speakers bureau will be able to show you testimonies to their success – and the celebrities that they have procured for their clients. In fact, ask to see a list of former clients so that you can get a measure of their ability. They should also have a mission statement that will set out their stall for you. And if you want more from your celeb – ask if they are able to run masterclasses or workshops; if they can offer a mentoring and/or a consultancy service – because there’s often a lot more to a celeb than a pretty face.

Celebrity Speakers bureau should divide their speakers in to categories so that your choices are whittled down by the expertise of relevant speakers. There is little point trawling through name after name of inspirational speakers if you are really looking for a celebrity comedian to entertain your guests. It is also helpful if you are presented with a list of the topics a particular speaker is an expert in – for example, who knew that John Cleese is a regular speaker on the subject of psychology?

Top Celebrity Speakers are always in great demand so if you have set your heart on one of them, make sure that you give plenty of notice otherwise you may be disappointed. A preliminary inquiry to The Celebrity Source will let you know when the best time to book your celebrity speaker is, and once you have this information you will be able to start planning your big event confident that it is going to be a roaring success that people will talk about for a long time afterwards.

Celebrity Speakers costs should be factored into any event that you are planning; in many instances they can be absorbed by the event itself because of what you charge people for the privilege of being there. Don’t forget to include all peripheral costs of your celebrity speaker as well, such as travel and hotel costs. You may also have to hire your venue and pay for any literature, banners and other decorations, too, so make sure that you include all of these when you are pricing your event.