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Celebrity Surveys

Clients of The Celebrity Source have had tremendous media placement success by integrating our Celebrity Survey results into their PR campaigns. It’s been especially helpful for new product launches, brand milestone anniversaries and general brand re-positioning campaigns.

“Have you ever made a late night run for something chocolate?” “Have you ever dated (or not dated) someone because of the car they drive?” “What do you do to lift your spirits when you’re down?” These are just a few of the questions that The Celebrity Source has asked celebrities on behalf of our clients. Celebrity surveys are a great alternative to the often more expensive celebrity spokesperson option, and their answers have garnered more media placements than clients imagined possible.

Entertainment & Media

These Entertainment and Media outlets are examples of clients who have hired The Celebrity Source. While these Industry giants are certainly capable of reaching out to the celebrity community on their own, they hired The Celebrity Source because, among other things, it was more cost effective than doing the celebrity outreach and coordination in-house. With over 25 years of working in the entertainment industry, they also knew that they could trust our expertise and experience in getting the best celebrities involved and making sure that everything was handled smoothly for their event or project.

Consumer products & Services

The right celebrity spokesperson can draw media and the public’s attention, add credibility and differentiate a brand from the competition. When a celebrity endorses something it’s like someone who you admire tapping you on the shoulder and saying “I like this” — chances are you’re going to pay attention!

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, brand managers and marketing/public relations executives have recognized the value that The Celebrity Source provides in helping their brands, products and services find the exact right celebrity match for their campaigns.

Special Events

Having celebrities attend events is a proven strategy to increase media coverage, sell tickets, secure sponsors, add credibility and generally create a level of excitement among all attendees.

Getting a celebrity to say “yes” to attend an event is only the tip of the iceberg. Once a celebrity has confirmed attendance there are a myriad of logistics which have to be handled in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly for both the celebrities and the client.

Handling celebrity related logistics can be the most time consuming aspect of having celebrities attend events. It’s all in the details and The Celebrity Source makes sure that they are all covered and needs anticipated. Our clients are therefore freed to handle their work, knowing that their needs will be met and that the experience for the celebrities will be terrific!

Not for Profit/Cause – Related Marketing

Consumers are more likely to support brands which tie in a cause. Celebrities are more likely to say “yes” when a cause is benefiting from their association. Put them together and you have win-win-win for all!

Matching celebrities with non-profits and corporate cause-related marketing campaigns is a particularly favorite specialty of The Celebrity Source. We have helped non-profits raise millions of dollars, expand their donor base and gain greater public awareness through our celebrity engagement programs.

Whether it’s the creation of a celebrity honorary advisory board, finding the right credible celebrity spokesperson, or attending a fund raiser, The Celebrity Source has the celebrity database, knowledge, relationships and experience to help our clients ‘do good’ in the world.

PR & Marketing

Celebrities draw interest and amplify communications on all media platforms — from commercials to social media and everything in between. To that end, here is a sample of some of the PR/Marketing agencies with whom The Celebrity Source has worked.

These agencies know that just having the right contact information is not enough when it comes to engaging celebrities in PR and marketing campaigns. We work in tandem with partner agencies to help identify the best celebrities for the client’s budget, demographics and goals, negotiate the deal to secure the celebrities for the best fee possible, and handle all of the celebrity logistics. Many of the agencies with whom we’ve worked said they would not do celebrity engagement without The Celebrity Source!