Unlike talent and booking agencies, we do not represent celebrities. We represent you, our client. Our job is to save you time and money when it comes to working with celebrities.

It’s tough to narrow it down to just a few, but some examples include Martha Stewart, Will Smith and Matthew McConaughey, Pierce Brosnan, Keanu Reeves, President George Bush, Cameron Diaz, John Elway, Eva Longoria, Oprah Winfrey,  Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson, Halle Berry, Jay Leno, George Lucas, Diana Ross, Arnold Schwarzenegger, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Antonio Banderas, Ringo Starr, Sting, Kelly Clarkson, and Mark Cuban, to name a few.

Our principal objective is to match the right celebrities for you, our client, while saving you time and money. To that end we make it our business to know what will motivate a celebrity to say “yes.” Since celebrity procurement and coordination is the total focus of our day-to-day operation, we have become very efficient in our ability to reach the most celebrities in the shortest amount of time.

We are a full-service celebrity company that handles all the details concerning a celebrity’s participation, including, but not limited to: researching and developing a realistic list of potential celebrities that will stay within budget and meet our client’s objectives; contacting and confirming the celebrity; and negotiating and acting as the liaison for contract fulfillment.

Factors that affect how much a celebrity is paid depend on the celebrity, the level of their popularity and the nature of the request. Generally speaking, a celebrity is paid a higher fee for endorsement deals and commercial requests than for most appearances or public relations campaigns.

For certain projects, like non-profit requests, celebrities may waive their fee or request only nominal honorarium fees or donations to an important charity of their choice. There are also times when interesting perks or gifts can be a motivating factor over money to entice celebrities to participate in a project.

Before we begin our work, we require a deposit that could range from 25% – 50% of our total fee, depending on the project. The balance of the fee is paid when the celebrity is confirmed, or upon a mutually agreeable timetable.

We collaborate with each client to get a clear sense of their needs, goals, priorities, budget, and ideal celebrity candidates to conduct extensive research to create the ideal proposed celebrity candidate list. We also maintain extensive data and information about celebrities that includes special interests, hometowns, favorite causes, if they have children and pets, social media following, and other important factors – so that we can make the best celebrity recommendations for our clients.

The Celebrity Source does not take on projects unless we feel that we can be successful for the client. Because of this, we have a 98% success rate. When you are dealing with celebrities, their lives can quickly pivot – so if such a situation ever arises, we always work to get an alternative client-approved celebrity in place. We are also only paid final balances based on us meeting defined deliverables, so protections are in place for all clients.

Not for us. Because we have relationships with so many stars and their representatives, we understand their needs. Even the most temperamental personalities know that they can rely on us to take care of every detail associated with their involvement in a project. As a result, we help them feel secure and because they trust us, they are easy for us to work with.

We have helped many PR, marketing, advertising and event companies secure business and event producers secure business by building a credible celebrity component to their pitches. You simply tell us the objectives and the demographics of the audience and we will help you come up with ideas, realistic sample celebrity names and associated fees and expenses. We can be your silent partner, or be present at the pitch meeting – the choice is yours.

The bottom line is that we can save you time and money. We are professionals in a very specialized field. Celebrity procurement and coordination is the total focus of our job on a day-to-day basis. Since celebrity contact information constantly changes, we continuously update our database in order to maintain the highest standard of accuracy. In addition to maintaining our sizable database, we are successful because we have developed many relationships within the celebrity community. In an industry where this is so important, our relationships enable us to get quicker and more positive responses. Large corporations, public relations firms, and ad agencies hire us even when they know how to access the celebrity community because they know that in the end, it’s more cost and time effective to utilize the services of The Celebrity Source.

Some of the questions that you should consider are: What exactly do you want the celebrity to do? Who do you want to appeal to by having a celebrity? Is it the media, the public, the attendees or sponsors? What do you want to accomplish by having a celebrity participate? Is it to add glitz and glamour, sell tickets, grab the public’s attention, separate your campaign from the pack, or add credibility to the project? What are the demographics of your audience or attendees? What is your budget? What is the maximum that you are willing to spend for the right celebrity? Are you prepared to cover first class expenses for the celebrity and at least one guest? Do you have access to any perks or gifts that will help motivate a celebrity to say “yes”? These are some of the questions to which you should know the answers.

We start by asking you, our client, for a short wish list of names. This helps us understand what kind of star you are looking for. It also helps us make sure that there are realistic expectations. We then research additional names and make recommendations based on your objectives, budget and need.

We define “celebrity” as someone who is not only very well known, but also is in the public eye. Under this definition, we can contact anyone.

All celebrity names are approved by our clients, along with the budget parameters, before any talent outreach takes place or an offer is made.

Yes we do. We maintain a database of personal information on each celebrity, which includes if they have a favorite cause.

We provide our services internationally. We are headquartered in New York and Los Angeles, with representatives in cities around the world.

The Celebrity Source was established in Los Angeles in 1988.

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Copyright ©2022 The Celebrity Source, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.