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Hire a Celebrity – Potential Ideas To Consider

Hire a Celebrity and the possibilities are endless. After all, no two stars are famous for the same thing. You might consider enlisting the help of a star chef to teach you and your friends how to cook a signature dish. Or, you might want a well-known singer to come and perform some of their greatest hits at an intimate birthday party. Then, there are TV personalities who are known for their humor and intelligent thinking – people who could really add that all-important sparkle to an upcoming event.

One of the first things that any booking specialist will ask is this: what are your goals for the celebrity? What is their purpose for being there? If you run a store – and are launching a star’s new product – you might want them to come along and give a demonstration, sign a book, or have a meet and greet with your shoppers. Meanwhile, if you’re celebrating achievements within the business, it might be more appropriate to get an A-lister to dish out awards to lucky recipients. The perfect star for you lies in the context.

Adidas and KanyeHire a Celebrity who is well-known and well-regarded by your audience. After all, delegates at a tax seminar might not respond too kindly to being talked to by the host of a reality TV series. Likewise, you wouldn’t invite an economics professor onto a booze cruise. A booking specialist’s purpose is to help you to establish achievable goals for your event, and handpick the celebrity who’ll make that vision a reality and a thumping success. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure – they’ve got you covered.

A good way to get started is to find a celebrity who’s got local connections. Perhaps there’s somebody famous who was born in a city not too far away. Maybe they’ve got a gig in a nearby town coming up in the future. This saves you time and a lot of stress, and may even help towards securing you a discount. A good celebrity bureau will have thousands of potential stars to choose from, which means that finding the perfect match will be an absolute cakewalk.

Hire a Celebrity for comedy, too! There are many humorists who make a living delivering stand-up gigs across the country. By hiring them directly, you’ll get even more out of the experience because of the intimate setting. There’s every chance that they will try out some new material that no one in your party has heard before, and it’s possible that some audience participation will be thrown into the deal, too. If you want to get the party going, a magician is also a fine idea – as they always need glamorous assistants!

Hire a Celebrity Prices

Hire a Celebrity Prices do vary on several factors. They include the time of the year, how long you want them to make an appearance for, and any travel costs that may be incurred as they make their way to your destination. Make sure you factor in all of this when selecting your star. In some cases, your booking specialist may be able to arrange a discount with their first-class negotiating skills. It may be possible for you to recoup some of the expense through sponsorship and ticket sales, too – so all of the cost won’t fall on your shoulders.

Hire a Celebrity for an event

Hire a Celebrity for an event by all means, but make sure they have some experience. There’s little point in getting a well-known star to host an event if they know nothing about the subject matter, or if they have never been a Master of Ceremonies before. The perfect celebrity should help the night to flow effortlessly, keep the audience laughing, and offer all-round entertainment. Just because someone has made a living on the television, doesn’t mean it’ll translate well to the stage, either.

Hire a Celebrity for a party

Hire a Celebrity for a party and create a special night for everyone. It could be a work celebration – perhaps for Christmas or to celebrate annual results. Indeed, you might be planning a surprise birthday party for someone you love. Whenever you begin the process of booking somebody, make sure you explain the context of the party to the bureau. That way, a celebrity will be able to make those additional arrangements which will make their appearance extra special. Who knows: they may even be willing to jump out of a cake!

Hire a Celebrity spokesperson

Hire a Celebrity spokesperson and your business or good cause could receive a much-needed shot in the arm. It’s great to have a reputable famous face as the person behind your brand. However, such deals rarely come cheap. Whether you want someone to continually front your advertisements – or just present the occasional video on YouTube – a booking specialist will work tirelessly to secure you the very best deal. And, in many cases, a celebrity will add their creative input and flair to make your projects as innovative as possible.

Hire a Celebrity UK

Hire a Celebrity UK and there’s a wealth of talent to choose from. You might want somebody from a well-known soap, such as EastEnders, Emmerdale or Coronation Street. With reality TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Only Way Is Essex on the rise, there are plenty of professional dancers and lovable actresses to choose from. You might want a famous British author to put their stamp on your event, or the help of an English chef such as Gordon Ramsay or Marco Pierre-White.

Hire a Celebrity Dress

Hire a Celebrity Dress and you could wear a part of history. There have been many gowns which have caused a stir, not least in recent months. Just days after the Academy Awards in 2015, the pearl-encrusted dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o disappeared from her hotel room in West Hollywood. It was returned by the thief 48 hours later, balled up in a binbag, because they discovered the pearls weren’t real. Despite this, the luxury garment is estimated to be worth more than $150,000 because it was a Calvin Klein collection piece.

Hire a Celebrity to Tweet

Hire a Celebrity to Tweet and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with young consumers from around the world. However, be aware that owing to ethical standards, many of them will have to put the hashtag #ad after their message. Many offer set rates per message, with additional costs if you want to add a photo or a link to your Twitter handle. It can help land you thousands of new followers – and what’s more – many of their super-fans will retweet the message – expanding your reach even further.

Hire a Celebrity Chef

Hire a Celebrity Chef for a night of culinary bliss. They could either lead a team of chefs in creating their signature menu, or offer a masterclass for your friends and family. Oftentimes, their personalities on the screen are near identical to what they’re like in real life – after all, their tenacity and determination is what helped them to become famous in the first place. Make sure you also take along some of their recipe books, as once they’re signed, they’ll be precious mementos which could appreciate in value.

The Celebrity Source

From chefs to comedians, and from politicians to pop stars, celebrities are helping businesses around the world to build their profiles and gain whole new legions of fans. Although finding them can initially be a challenge, there’s no harm in enlisting the help of a specialist booker. Rita Tateel with The Celebrity Source brings you celebrities matched with clients’ campaign or event needs based on their interests and lifestyle. The Celebrity Source can help you with Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Speakers, Celebrity Appearances, and can help you Book a Celebrity or Hire a Celebrity.

Hire a Celebrity – Potential Ideas To Consider