The Celebrity Source can help you find the perfect match for all your celebrity and influencer needs. We are YOUR agent, not the celebrity’s. Our job is to save you time, money, and frustration in the process. Get all the information you need to book the right celebrity or influencer for your project or event. 


When a celebrity endorses something, it’s like someone who you admire tapping you on the shoulder and saying “I really like this!” — chances are you’re going to pay attention! We can find a celebrity match for almost any budget, and we’ll always negotiate the lowest fees possible on your behalf.


The right celebrity spokesperson can draw the media’s and the public’s attention, as well as add credibility, and differentiate a brand from its competition. We can help you find the perfect spokesperson that can express and exemplify the essence of your organization or brand. 

event appearances

Having celebrities attend events (live or virtual) is a proven strategy to increase media coverage, increase sales, secure sponsors, add credibility and create a level of buzz and excitement. Our celebrity network is extensive and we will deliver just the right celebrities for your event.


Celebrities draw interest and amplify communications on all media platforms — from commercials to social media and everything in between. We work in partnership with in-house and agency teams to creatively reach objectives and maximize results.

online & social media promotions

Celebrities can garner more media impressions and influence more fans via online and social media platforms than through traditional media! We’ll help you budget a social media campaign and align your company with social media superstars.

celebrity honorary advisory boards

A recent  study found that donors gave 1.4 % more to charities associated with celebrities than those with no celebrity attachment. We can help your non-profit increase its influence, reach and fund raising potential with an Honorary Advisory Board.

celebrity surveys

Celebrities draw interest and amplify communications on all media platforms — from commercials to social media. We work in partnership with in-house and agency teams to creatively reach desired objectives and maximize results.

Celebrity Speakers

Whether you want a celebrity to give a  keynote address, a star-powered audience welcome or speech, or participate as famous panel participant, we will find the perfect celebrity for your event, audience and budget.


celebrity gifting

Celebrities are influencers who can shape buying trends and turn an unknown product into a “must-have” item.  Our direct connection with many celebrities assures our clients that their products make it into the hands of the celebrities.

cause-related marketing

Celebrities draw interest and amplify communications on all media platforms. We work in partnership with in-house and agency teams to creatively reach objectives and maximize results. Studies have proven that 90% of consumers are more likely to support brands that tie with a cause.

video documentary narration

Ordinary videos and documentaries become attention-grabbing when notable and recognizable celebrities are providing the narration on screen and off.  We’ll find you the right celebrity narrator to fit your budget and vision,  and impress your audience.

additional services

The Celebrity Source can provide the following additional services:
– Media Outreach and Placements

– Satellite Media Tours

– Celebrity Influence Measurement

– Online Charity Auctions

– Product Placement

Our philosophy


The Celebrity Source clients and celebrities alike know that we will keep our promises and won’t make any promises we can’t keep. We will not betray any confidences, but we will provide confidence to our clients that their needs are our number one priority.


We aim for everyone involved to feel comfort in knowing that every logistical element will be considered, planned, and executed in a thorough and professional manner.


We only do business with companies, agencies, events, and organizations who also believe in making a positive impact in the world.


We welcome the opportunity to come up with creative options and solutions for celebrity challenges – ultimately developing celebrity strategies which will stand out above the rest.


We are celebrity specialists whose total focus of work has been celebrity engagement for over 30 years. You wouldn’t have a carpenter perform knee surgery, so why trust another individual or agency, who is not a specialist in this area, to get the job done right for your celebrity needs?


Our clients get the results they want. Having the correct phone number or e-mail is not enough. With over two decades of relationship building within the celebrity community, our phone calls and e-mails are returned in a timely manner, and “yes” is the answer we get.