September 17, 2015

Hollywood publicists are working overtime this week maneuvering the schedules of their Emmy nominated celebrity clients as they try to figure out which of these Emmy related events and parties are worthy of their attention and attendance.  Which would you […]

The Celebrity Source
April 24, 2015

Hire a Celebrity – Top Tips For A Success Hire a Celebrity and there’s no end to the potential. There are loads of famous faces who could add a real sparkle to your next event – and each has their […]

The Celebrity Source
April 21, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – The Advantages And Disadvantages Celebrity Speakers have the potential to give your event the wow factor – but they must be a good fit for the crowd you’re catering to. By giving much consideration to who is […]

The Celebrity Source
April 18, 2015

Celebrity Appearances – Dazzle Your Clientele! Celebrity Appearances have the potential to give companies around the world a much-needed boost, helping them to rally back from the economic downturn in style. With online retailers and superstores putting independent shops under […]

The Celebrity Source
April 15, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – A Look At The Stats Celebrity Endorsements are often underestimated by those in the business community. Unknown to many, a bit of star power could help a newly-launched item from a start-up company be propelled to greatness. […]

The Celebrity Source
April 12, 2015

Celebrity Endorsements – Crunching The Numbers Celebrity Endorsements can help a little-known product to fly off the shelves, especially if the star in question is trusted by the public. In this age of information overload, it can be incredibly easy […]

The Celebrity Source
April 9, 2015

Hire a Celebrity – Potential Ideas To Consider Hire a Celebrity and the possibilities are endless. After all, no two stars are famous for the same thing. You might consider enlisting the help of a star chef to teach you […]

The Celebrity Source
April 6, 2015

Celebrity Speakers – Balancing The Pros And Cons Celebrity Speakers can really add a lot of oomph to an event… if they’re suitable for the audience. You should put a lot of thought into the A-lister you want behind that […]

The Celebrity Source
April 3, 2015

Book a Celebrity – Make It An A-List Event Book a Celebrity and there’s no reason why your business can’t soar. It instantly bumps up the profile of your company or event – especially if the star of your choice […]

The Celebrity Source
March 31, 2015

Book a Celebrity – Push The Boat Out Today Book a Celebrity and watch your company grow exponentially in size. This savvy business move helps your goods and services to reach whole new audiences, and adds plenty of appeal to […]

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