Celebrity Appearances – How to Arrange For A Celebrity to Make an Appearance

Celebrity Appearances – How to Arrange For A Celebrity to Make an Appearance

Celebrity Appearances Are big events as far the majority of the general public are concerned. There is nothing guaranteed to draw a crowd more than the appearance of someone who usually only appears on screen or on the front of magazines. Even if the celebrity isn’t today’s hot news or whether he or she isn’t everyone’s favourite there is just something about celebrity that people flock to see. Perhaps it’s just the desire to see what makes these people stand out, but whatever it is, it works.

For years, promoters and people who are aware of how to push their agenda forward have been exploiting this star quality in order to grab attention for their cause, business or products. And there’s no reason why you can’t use the same strategy because arranging a celebrity appearance is easier than you may think – and probably cheaper than you imagine as well depending on the celebrity you choose and how popular they currently are. Don’t get disheartened though; not every star is as expensive as Lady Gaga.

Celebrity Appearances Can be arranged through agencies that specialise in finding you the right celeb for your occasion. There are some agencies that have an established stable of a mixture of celebrities that are available for events across the nation. Others focus on particular aspects of celebrity so you may find one that only deals with singers, or another that specialises in sports stars. If you know what you want, these could be the answer but it’s good to keep your options open and see everything on offer.

In the first instance you may simply be required to fill in an online form on which you can give a broad outline of your requirements. Subsequently, you will need to speak to someone who will go into more detail with you so that your request can be fine tuned and you can find the celebrity that will work the best for you. You may be surprised at some of the suggestions you hear but it pays to be open minded at this stage because these agencies do have a lot of experience.

Celebrity Appearances Do have additional costs associated with them that you should be aware of before you make your final decision. You will be expected to pay for all of their expenses, such as hotel bills, meals and travelling costs – and again the cost of these will be proportionate to how big a star you are booking. Naturally, a rugby player from your home town is going to have less expense than flying Kylie Minogue in. However, weigh up the overall costs of your celebrity to the outcome you are expecting them to achieve for you.

Upcoming celebrity autograph signings are a great way for fans to meet their idols. The most common occasion for this kind of event is a book signing held at a book store. Nowadays practically every celebrity has a book to their name (often written by a ghost writer but nevertheless…) so it’s not difficult to find a celebrity that wants to promote their latest offering. If you want to take advantage of a book signing (and don’t have a book store) it may be possible to collude with an independent store to mutually benefit from a signing.

Booking celebrity appearances couldn’t be easier. Once you have made your initial inquiry by completing the online form, you will contacted by a member of a very experienced team. This will be start of the process dedicated to working out exactly what you are looking for so that whatever you are planning goes exactly to plan. Sometimes the celebrity you would like to appear has prior commitments for that date but all your options will be discussed – and then you book it and save the date!

Celebrity autograph signings are a great way of deciding whether having a celebrity at your event will be the success you hope it will be so it’s worth checking the media to see if there are any local signings taking place for you to attend. This market research will allow you to see how the celebrity engages with people – and how big of a crowd they draw. Using this information you will have a better idea of whether you need a bigger name or not.

Celebrity autograph signings are something you need to consider when you book your celeb because there is a very good chance that your guests are going to want to have autographs – and photos of themselves with the person you book. So, in order to make this possible you need to make sure that you have made a long enough booking to incorporate this otherwise your event could finish on a dark side with your celebrity rushing off leaving a lot of disgruntled guests.

Celebrity appearance fees Vary considerably depending upon whether you choose an A or a B Lister. If money is no object then you have the world of celebrity at your feet – but even so you need to know that stars who are at the top of their game – or who have been there for a number of years are commanding seven figure fees. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, then there’s no need to abandon the idea because there are many celebrities whose fees start with just four figures.