Celebrity Endorsements – Crunching The Numbers

Celebrity Endorsements – Crunching The Numbers

Celebrity Endorsements can help a little-known product to fly off the shelves, especially if the star in question is trusted by the public. In this age of information overload, it can be incredibly easy for commercials to be drowned out by noise and more engaging adverts. That’s why looking at the hard facts surrounding the impact that celebrity endorsements can have is worthwhile. Here, we’re going to explore the latest research surrounding them – and look at the bottom line of how it can affect your profits.

Let’s begin by looking at how much members of the public trust adverts in the first place. According to the Energy Saving Trust in the UK, half of those questioned only trust the claims made in adverts “some of the time”, meaning it can be an uphill battle to get your message across. Worryingly, 40% say that they never trust what they see advertised. However, there is hope on the horizon when it comes to using celebrity endorsements, as other research suggests.

Celebrity Endorsements are appealing to 30% of the population in the UK – with the likes of Cheryl Cole, a well-known singer who was a talent show judge on The X Factor in the US helping one in three Britons to make a purchase. This is a powerful indication of the influence that a little bit of star power can have. After all, many people decide to buy certain garments once they have seen their favorite celebrities donning them in public. There are many different ways an endorsement can be scored.

Whereas you might want a star to feature in one of your commercials – or lend their voice to a radio jingle – remember that a celebrity who is seen using your product can create a flurry of interest. Perhaps they could be pictured eating your chocolate, wearing your shoes, or browsing your furniture store. The possibilities are endless. But when it comes to trusted celebrities – such as Ellen DeGeneres – even the slightest mention of your brand can result in a tidal wave of business that many retailers simply aren’t prepared for.

Celebrity Endorsements also have plenty of power in the US. Nearly half of American adults believe that they can make a positive difference when it comes to their purchasing decisions – or when they decide to back a particular good cause. However, should that star become embroiled in negative publicity or a scandal, the halo effect can disappear. That’s why finding a celebrity who has a squeaky clean history comes in handy. Remember how almost all of Tiger Woods’ sponsors dropped out after his high-profile scandal?

Celebrity Endorsements List can be obtained from a booking specialist, someone who has been keeping tabs on the work that A-listers do. Remember: if you’re a sneakers brand and a certain star already has a contract with one of your rivals, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to extend their endorsement to you. That’s why you need to find a star who is interested in lending their face to new areas where there won’t be a conflict of interest. Indeed, you could even include clauses surrounding exclusivity in your contract if you wanted to.

Top Celebrity Endorsements are also useful on the Internet. It can be especially difficult in this day and age to get members of the public to click through when it comes to online adverts. However, 10% of Americans will do so if they like the celeb who is making an endorsement. As such, you should definitely bear this in mind if you’re more of a digital venture. In turn, this gives greater exposure to your brand – and over time, 40% of people decide to click through online ads because they know or like the company.

Celebrity Product Endorsements are changing in many ways. These days, if you want to reach the holy grail of 16 to 25-year-olds, you need to think beyond the traditional TV and radio adverts we grew up with. The best endorsements can be found by approaching bloggers who are trusted and respected by this age group. Send them your product, and see if they like it. From here, they might choose to create a video of them using the item, or write a review. When a link or reference to your website is included, it’ll create a flurry of traffic.

Celebrity Endorsement Costs do vary depending on how high profile the star is. Of course, if they are always in demand for their endorsement, they’ll be able to charge more. Many celebrities will also be reluctant to overexpose themselves, as it can damage their reputation and mean that their endorsements don’t have as much value. Talk to a booking specialist about finding an affordable celebrity who hasn’t been involved in too many endorsements. That way, it’ll mean something in the eyes of consumers.

Celebrity Endorsement Statistics show that there is a demand for famous faces to support little-known (and well-known) products. Once a star has given a product or service their tick of approval, sales normally shoot up. However, you can’t expect the celebrity to do all of the work. It is also important for you, the business, to create a fun and interesting campaign that will grab the attention of your target audience. That way, you double your chances of getting the results that the brand deserves.

Celebrity Endorsement Examples are everywhere. David Beckham created a storm when he began modeling underwear for Calvin Klein, and pictures of the football star in his briefs spread like wildfire across the Internet. You’ll also find that many stars – such as Nicole Kidman with Chanel – end up endorsing perfumes. To get the best results, you want to get innovative. Find a celebrity who genuinely believes in your product, as this will shine through as authenticity in any commercial or endorsement.

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad mainly arise when the star themselves becomes embroiled in a controversy. For example, Lance Armstrong was a well-respected cyclist who became disgraced when he was found guilty to doping during his victories at the Tour de France. As a result, many companies decided to pull their sponsorship of his professional races, and instantly ended lucrative deals. You need to make sure that celebrities’ endorsements don’t come across as hypocritical, and check their brand doesn’t clash with your own.